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Fantasy Football: Who to start and sit in Week 3

Pete Davidson
September 21, 2019 - 6:49 pm

It’s Week 3 in the NFL, and we have yet another boring Patriots game on tap.  I’m sorry, but the Jets just aren’t equipped to compete right now, folks.  Not that this would be considered outside the norm, but even by the Jets’ unfortunate standards, this is pretty bleak stuff.  

So why not play some fantasy football this weekend?  And hey, with Antonio Brown now out of town, the Patriots’ skill players are a little more compelling at cost.  Not so much with Tom Brady, who was probably more valuable with three great receivers instead of two, but I like the idea of playing Josh Gordon.  His depressed cost of 5,400 units on DraftKings was concocted when Brown was still playing.  Along those same lines I like the idea of rostering Julian Edelman— a player who seems to enjoy torturing the Jets, and who, at 6300 units, was also priced before the Brown saga came to its fitful close.  Of the two, I’m more interested in Gordon, who could do major damage on just a few big plays versus the hapless Jets secondary.

How am I looking to save money on the main slate this week?  Just keep reading for my top five values for Week 3 on DraftKings.  For my take on every relevant skill player for Week 3 fantasy purposes, check out my lineup rankings at  It’s completely free.  No registration.  No signing in.  Just follow the link and enjoy.

Jim Hackett and I will get into all of our favorite Week 3 plays on the 

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All pricing in this article was sourced from DraftKings.

Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals vs. Panthers, $5,800


Josh Allen, QB, Bills vs. Bengals, $5,900

These are two of my favorite quarterbacks this week.  I’m going to have exposure to both along with Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.  Murray is currently my cash game quarterback but I will have some GPP (tournament) exposure as well.  Murray is a little trickier to stack compared with Allen, because he’s throwing to a bigger group of receivers.  Allen’s targets are concentrated pretty heavily between John Brown and Cole Beasley—making it easier to capture more of his passing stats in a smaller stack.  I will have several versions of my Allen stack in GPPs this Sunday.  Jim and I will get into the variations on tomorrow’s show.

Darwin Thompson, RB, Chiefs vs. Ravens, $3,000

Running backs don’t get any cheaper and without Damien Williams (knee), the Chiefs will need the rookie to carry a decent portion of the load.  There are some things that could go wrong here.  LeSean McCoy is projected to start the game, but he’s a 31-year old back who was limited all week at practice with an ankle sprain.  He’s unlikely to handle a big workload.  So, to me, Thompson is worth the risk at his floor price.  If he hits, you’ll be ahead of the curve and if he misses, you can still compete with $47,000 of your salary cap left.  If he flops, you can look for me at the bar as my exposure to Darwin will be considerable.  Then again, if he hits, I’ll probably be in the same place!

Diontae Johnson, WR, Steelers at 49ers, $3,000

We’re not messing around this week.  As with Thompson, we’re talking about a player at the absolute cost floor.  Johnson is a play for the bold—for the risk-takers.  Thompson is a RB, which means we can expect to see at least a handful of touches.  Johnson is a receiver playing with a very green quarterback.  Mason Rudolph is making his first start in the wake of Ben Roethlisberger’s season-ending elbow injury.  So why even get involved here?  That’s a fair question.  The answer is two-fold.  First, we save huge money by rostering a cost-floor guy.  Second, unlike most floor plays, Johnson has some genuine potential, especially if his team ends up having to pass a lot, and I suspect they will.  There are four to five players the quarterback can throw to in the Pittsburgh offense, so there are plenty of ways this can go wrong, but if you want a guy who could score twice on a good day while taking a very small percentage of your salary cap, Johnson is your best bet this week.

Nelson Agholor, WR, Eagles vs. Lions, $3,600

He’ll be a fairly popular option because his story has been chatted up all week on the interwebs, but he’s a legitimately strong play at very low cost.  The reasons for this are all the injuries to his teammates and a friendly matchup with the Lions, who are generally charitable to slot receivers.  Agholor should be carrying a much higher price tag this week, probably in the 5,500 unit range.  He’s a great way to add a stable low cost player to your cash lineup, and he’s certainly viable in tournaments as well.

Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles vs. Lions, $5,700

There is some crazy good value at tight end this week but it’s not of the dirt cheap variety.  I’m big on Travis Kelce ($7,100), George Kittle ($5,600), Evan Engram ($5,200) and Mark Andrews ($4,600), just to name a few, but the best value, dollar-for-dollar, has to be Ertz, who is in line for somewhere north of ten targets for only 5,700 units.  That’s just good business in any kind of contest—cash or tournament.  The reasons for Ertz’s target projection are the same as we went through with Agholor.  The Eagles are missing some key pieces and the healthy guys are all going to eat.

Alright, so I actually gave out more than five players.  Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how you can create some good lineups tomorrow.  As I said earlier, Jim and I will dive deeper into this on tomorrow’s show.  I’ll see you all next week with the waiver wire.  Good luck in all your games this Sunday.