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Fantasy Football: Who to start in Week 7

Pete Davidson
October 19, 2019 - 6:53 pm

The Patriots and Jets are off the main slate this week due to the whole Monday Night Football thing.  Nevertheless, Sunday afternoon still offers up some compelling DraftKings action. This week I'm going with one play I like at each position plus a few values I want you to know about.

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All pricing in this article was sourced from DraftKings.

Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals at Giants, $6,700

There are at least ten quarterbacks who I like for DraftKings purposes this week.  Nine of them are on the main slate.

Lamar Jackson, $6,800

Deshaun Watson, $7,000

Russell Wilson, $6,600

Matt Ryan, $6,300

Josh Allen, $6,500

Jared Goff, $6,200

Daniel Jones, $6,100

Jacoby Brissett, $5,600

Add Kyler and you have nine.  The "fear of missing out" is palpable with the Week 7 slate.  Murray is my favorite combination of floor and ceiling.  I'm fine using him in cash games and also in tournaments.  The only thing that gives me pause is the long trip to the east coast for an early game.  Still, this kid is young and full of energy.  I think he'll be just fine.

Now, for the rest of the crew.  I'm making some extra GPP (tournaments) lineups so I can use most of these options.  For sure, I'll be creating some stacks for Matt Ryan, Josh Allen and Daniel Jones and will consider doing the same with the rest.

Derrick Henry, RB, Titans vs. Chargers, $5,800

Henry is always a tricky proposition on DraftKings because, with only six receptions on the season, he’s a bit of a square peg relative to their PPR scoring system.  Understanding this, we need to be careful about when we choose to roster him.  According to Evan Silva, “Henry has 100-plus total yards and/or a touchdown in seven straight home games dating back to last year.”  So we like that Henry is playing at home here.  Additionally, the Chargers are really hurting on the defensive line.  Defensive tackles Brandon Mebane and Justin Jones have both been ruled out.  DE Melvin Engram is listed as doubtful so it's very likely that Joey Bosa will be the only starter available.  This obviously helps Henry in what is already a strong spot.  I probably won't have the guts (or perhaps the smarts) to use him in cash games, but I really like the idea of using him in tournaments because you get a huge ceiling at a medium price.

Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams at Falcons, $7,400

I like all of the Rams receivers this week and I expect above typical performance for them.  Brandin Cooks at $5,400 and Robert Woods at $5,900 are both solid options.  There are a lot of effective ways to stack Jared Goff this week, but the one I like most is Kupp.  You could make an argument that he’ll be heavily owned, so maybe he's a better play in smaller field tourneys rather than events like the “Milly Maker”.  However, I see a whole lot of floor in this spot, and we know he’s heavily involved near the stripe.  If I can find a way to fit him in, I'll gladly roster Kupp in cash games in addition to tournaments.

Evan Engram, Giants vs. Cardinals, $6,500

The Cardinals are getting absolutely shredded by tight ends.  It's past the point of it being coincidental or just being a matter of matchups.  Get this.  According to FootballDB.com, Tampa Bay is the 31st worst team in terms of giving up fantasy points to tight ends at 10.8 fantasy points per game.  The Cardinals are 32nd, and they are giving up a whopping 16.2 fantasy points per game to tight ends.  Marinate on that for a second.  Engram is a great play.  His knee, which kept him out last week is not a big concern as he's practiced fully all week.    Targets should be plentiful with Sterling Shepard sitting out due to concussion symptoms.  Let's also remember that Arizona is one of the league's fastest paced teams, so the play totals in the game should be high.  There are some other really good tight end options this week, like George Kittle, Austin Hooper, Hunter Henry and Mark Andrews, but for my money, Engram's the best of the Week 7 lot.  He makes a nice stacking piece with Daniel Jones and also a nice correlation play in Kyler Murray lineups.  He's also just a flat out good play.

Some Cost-Saving Values to Know about:

Allen Lazard, WR, Packers vs. Raiders, $3,000

You do not get players with legitimate upside who are also priced at the floor very often.  Lazard is no lock, but he has a real shot at WR2 performance, because so many Packers receivers are banged up.  Oh yeah, it's also obvious that Aaron Rodgers likes him.  He started targeting Lazard the minute he entered last week's game.  This is a leap of faith that I'm taking this week.  The price is just too nice to pass up.

Darrell Henderson, RB, Rams at Falcons, $3,500

Another player with real potential who is down near the cost floor.  Henderson is dicier than Lazard, but could have more ceiling because the Rams are beat up at running back.  My big value last week was Malcolm Brown (apologies) who, of course, turned an ankle in last week's game.  

Hunter Henry, TE, Chargers at Titans, $4,000

He's mis-priced, plain and simple.  He should cost at least $1,300 more.  Henry's Week 6 performance was off the charts considering he wasn't even a lock to play during the week.  This week he gets a plus matchup versus the Titans.  Only six teams are giving up more tight end production than Tennessee.  If you can't fit in Engram, Henry is a fine fallback.

Lastly, please remember to play within your comfort level.  You can have loads of fun playing DFS without spending more than ten bucks a week, so please play responsibly.

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