Fantasy Football: Who to add on Week 14 waiver wire

Pete Davidson
December 03, 2019 - 10:29 am

Playoffs?!  Playoffs?!

Congratulations!  It's officially win-or-go-home time.  I'm glad you all made it this far.  I have six pretty big matchups myself this weekend, so I feel your angst, acutely.  Let's dig in and increase our odds of success, shall we?

Some of you will be more focused on winning now while others will be more focused on matchups for Week 15 and to a lesser extent, championship week.  I'll do my best to qualify which players fit into one category but not the other.

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Unless specified, all players in this article are owned at a less than 50 percent rate on Yahoo.


Daniel Jones, Giants

His matchups over the next three weeks are excellent with a trip to the Eagles this week before hosting the Dolphins in Week 15.  If you need him Week 16, it's a trip to Washington.  Jones does have an ankle issue that could affect his status for this week, but he is worth rostering because he's a good play every week going forward.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins

His schedule is awesome and he's found some real weapons in recent weeks.  Check out this trifecta.

  • at Jets
  • at Giants
  • vs. Bengals

It doesn't get a whole lot better than that, so add Fitzpatrick if you are in need or just so you have some playable insurance to buttress your starter.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans

He has a plus matchup at Oakland this week and his Week 15 matchup versus the Texans is also solid.  His Week 16 tilt with the Saints is less desirable.  Tannehill is playing very well, so he's a solid way to add some quarterback insurance in any league.


Alexander Mattison, Vikings

If Dalvin Cook's shoulder injury proves to be more serious than initial reports indicate, then Mattison becomes the Viking's interim starter.  Mattison could be a league-winner for the fantasy teams that snag him, but, as I alluded to, there's also a good chance that Cook's injury does not cost him time.  If you have Cook on your team, you should be selling out to get Mattison.  He's a nice upside target even if you don't.  Cook could easily aggravate the shoulder at any point going forward.

Darwin Thompson, Chiefs

Both Williams', Damien (ribs) and Darrel (hamstring) are banged up.  As long as either one of them remains out, Thompson should have a role and perhaps a significant one.  This week he gets the Patriots, so that's a limiter for sure, but he's talented and a very good receiver, so he has plenty of potential.  His next two opponents are the Broncos and Bears respectively.

Bo Scarbrough, Lions

He's getting the early down work and the goal line work as well.  If new starting quarterback, David Blough, can keep playing well, then maybe Bo will be worth something.  He's obviously worth more in standard scoring, because he's not going to catch any significant amount of passes.  Still, at this stage, if you need a player to fill your RB2 spot, you are getting a guy who is going to touch the ball and who has some touchdown equity.  Not bad at all.

Benny Snell, Steelers

As with Mattison, Snell's value is tied to the health of his team's starter.  If James Conner's shoulder is ready to go this week, Snell will be playing a secondary role.  Still, Snell's late emergence could help Conner teams add a quality handcuff.  As with Mattison, Snell is a target for all of us, but a higher priority for those who own the starter--in this case, Conner.  The Steelers have a sweet matchup this week at Arizona.

Raheem Mostert, 49ers

And we have yet another highly-qualified target.  As with Mattison and Snell, Mostert's appeal is tied to the health of another back.  In this case, it's Matt Breida who has a solid shot at returning this week.  That being said, Mostert has outplayed nominal starter Tevin Coleman to the point where he may have earned a role.  Only time will tell as it's hard to read Kyle Shanahan's mind.  Mostert is worth adding in all 12-team leagues.


Darius Slayton, Giants

As I've been saying for weeks, he's a great add for the playoffs because he's a serious big play guy, and he's got great playoff matchups throughout the next three weeks.

  • at Eagles
  • vs. Dolphins
  • at Washington

It really doesn't get much better for an outside receiver and Slayton is already producing at a strong level.  He can be your WR3 every week for the rest of the season.

Anthony Miller, Bears

The question is not, why did the Bears target Anthony Miller heavily (33 targets) over the last three games?  The question is, what were they waiting for?  Miller did suffer an ankle injury in August that clearly lingered into the season.  Still, his lack of involvement had been bordering on inexplicable for some time until they finally got him involved back in Week 11 versus the Rams.  Since then, Miller has gotten better and better.  On Thanksgiving, he posted 140 receiving yards.  In full PPR leagues, he can start for you if need be.  They'd be nuts to go away from him right now while he's winning such a high percentage of his routes.

John Ross, Bengals

He returns this week (at the Browns), and you could consider using him in deeper leagues.  Ross should be ready to go as he's been practicing since November 13th.  Hopefully you added him last week when I listed him, but he is still available in most places, so go get him.  His biggest perk is probably his matchup with Miami in Week 16.  He's probably not a good option when he faces the Patriots Week 15.

AJ Brown, Titans

He'd be worth even more if they passed the ball more, but he's moving into a more primary role so his value is currently at its peak.  His target totals make his floor a bit shaky, but you get big game potential every week.  He's worth rostering in all 12-team leagues.

James Washington, Steelers

He's been a lot better with regular playing time so he's worth an investment this week just in case he's starting again.  Why?  Because he gets a crack at the Cardinals defense and better yet, he gets to play in a Cardinals game environment, where the pace quickens and the play counts elevate.  The only way you get boxed out here is if JuJu Smith-Schuster returns and they demote Washington.  Even in that scenario, he is a viable flex option.

Zach Pascal, Colts

In Week 13, he finally broke out with 7 receptions for 109 yards. His matchup with the Bucs this week is enticing but his value is tied to the health of T.Y. Hilton (calf) and to a lesser extent Parris Campbell, who is close to returning from a broken hand.  If both return, Pascal is more of a flex play than a WR3, but early reports indicate that Hilton is fifty/fifty at best and Campbell is also very much up in the air.  So Pascal offers a nice hedge for those tethered to Hilton and could be a nice WR3 option for anyone.


Mike Gesicki, Dolphins

As I've been saying the last few weeks, he's emerging in terms of his role.  Since Preston Williams was placed on IR four weeks ago, Gesicki's target share has increased.  He's seen 26 targets in that span with 14 over the last two games.  He's also posted touchdowns in consecutive contests.  This week he has a nice matchup with the Jets and he's got very playable matchups the rest of the way, with the Giants and Bengals after that.  He can be your starter going forward.

Jacob Hollister, Seahawks

He's a guy you can start when needed, but the real reason I want you to roster him is his Week 16 matchup with the super duper tight end-friendly Arizona Cardinals.  This matchup has been so good all year that we should be targeting it at this point.

David Njoku, Browns

As I said with Hollister, we want to target matchups against the Cardinals.  Well, Njoku gets them Week 15, and as long as he starts and looks good this week against the Bengals, we'll be comfortable starting him in that awesome matchup.  If you are a bye team with a weakness at tight end, adding Hollister and Njoku could tighten up that weak flank.

Tyler Higbee, Rams

Yet another contingency option.  Higbee's continued target explosion depends on the status of Gerald Everett, who hyperextended his knee in Week 12.  Why the Rams would rush Everett back is beyond me, but it's something to keep track of.  If Higbee is the clear cut starter this week, he will be very playable as the Rams travel to Seattle, who have been very charitable to the tight end position.

Ian Thomas, Panthers

Thomas could be a real find if you are struggling in a deep league.  Once again, this is a contingency option, because Thomas' appeal is tethered to the availability of Greg Olsen, who suffered a concussion in Week 13. Carolina's playoff hopes are, by and large, theoretical, so I see no reason why they would push Olsen, who has a significant concussion history (this is his third on record), to play.  If Thomas is playing, he's absolutely a legitimate option.  At this stage of the game, he probably has more per game ceiling than Olsen, who is near retirement.

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