Report: BC coach pushed FSU band member

February 17, 2010 - 5:39 am

According to reports in the Tallahassee Democrat, a police report was filed after an incident before Sunday's basketball game between Boston College and Florida State alleging that a BC assistant coach pushed a member of the FSU pep band. The band member stated in writing that he was shoved by BC assistant Bonzie Colson. According to a report taken by an off-duty trooper working the event the Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center, the student said: '€œI ... was exiting the basketball court and found myself stuck between the media table and the basketball team. A coach was in my way ... I looked at him and said, '€˜Excuse me.'€™ He took his hands, one on each of my shoulders, and shoved me by him.'€ The student said Colson told him: '€œGet the [expletive] off my court.'€ Two other students submitted written witness statements supporting the band member'€™s acount. The newspaper quoted BC sports information director Chris Cameron as saying: "Boston College athletics officials met with members of the coaching staff and other eyewitnesses Monday evening to hear their side of the story. The issue is being handled internally between the two institutions and the Atlantic Coast Conference." BC lost the game, its fourth loss in a row, and is preparing to host North Carolina Saturday.