Report: Teixeira anticipates $22-28 million/year

December 16, 2008 - 4:22 am

Karl Ravech of ESPN reported that he had checked in with someone close to the Teixeira negotiations. According to Ravech's source, the first baseman, who is the prize of the free-agent market, is in negotiations with five teams: the Angels, Nationals, Orioles, Red Sox and Yankees. Using the standards set by Torii Hunter's five-year, $90 million deal and Alex Rodriguez' 10-year, $275 million deal--both of which were signed last offseason--Ravech reported that Teixeira is in line for an eight-year deal of $22 million to $28 million per season. Here is a transcript of Ravech's comments this morning on ESPN: "The five teams that have always been pursuing him'€”the Angels, RS, Yankees, Nationals and Orioles'€”continue to be the five teams pursuing him. Someone very familiar with the negotiations said, it'€™s almost fascinating what'€™s happened. Every time one team steps up its offer, the other four teams do the same thing. It appears as if the idea that he wants to play for a competitor in the East, while that'€™s a priority, it'€™s almost neutralized by the fact that there'€™s an enormous attraction to the Orioles. He grew up in Maryland. His family is there. His wife has very, very close ties to that area. There'€™s something that kind of keeps bringing he and (agent) Scott Boras back to the Orioles as a hometown, '€˜I'€™d love to play for the team I grew up watching,'€™ (destination). "They look at the numbers being thrown out there. The Angels, who gave Torii Hunter $18 million a year, and of course Alex Rodriguez'€™ deal was almost $30 million a year, the numbers almost favor a comparison to A-Rod. So he'€™s looking at an eight-year deal that'€™s going to be worth between $22 and $28 million a year. A pretty good Christmas present. The sense I got from the people I spoke with was that the decision is getting closer and closer to being made. They'€™re almost looking as if one team would drop out of it to make the decision easier. They'€™re making it very hard on them. It'€™s a decision we'€™d all love to have to make. "If you'€™re looking at eight years, $180 million, you'€™re north of $18 million a year, which is really sort of the starting point. This thing just continues to escalate. Even people like Scott and Mark, who have been involved in these things before'€”he'€™s been dealt a few times, he passed up a huge offer at one point from the Rangers, and this was a couple years ago. They identified the market, and the market seems to come back to them. Obviously, the Orioles and Nationals would love to use him. The Orioles look at Teixeira the same way they did at Ripken for so many years. They'€™d have this guy as the foundation, as the face of the organization. "In so many ways, he'€™s the perfect representative of whatever franchise he goes to. He'€™s heavy into the workouts, he'€™s never had any injuries, he'€™s had no problems off the field to speak of. You understand why these teams would want to get a switch-hitting, great Gold Glove first baseman." RELATED CONTENT Mark Teixeira: The One That Got Away From the Red Sox - by Rob Bradford Money Player: Mark Teixeira Prepares to Get Rich in Free Agency - by Alex Speier The Fake News: Scott Boras Signs Own Free Agents, Creates 'Team Boras' - by First Time Caller Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports Discusses Teixeira and Manny Ramirez on the Dale & Holley Show