Reports: Ryan Braun tried to solicit support from veteran players in 2012 by saying sample collector was anti-Semitic

August 19, 2013 - 6:40 am

The hits just coming on coming for Ryan Braun -- but not on the field. According to multiple reports, the Brewers slugger, who is serving his season-ending, 65-game suspension for his connections to the Biogenesis scandal, called a number of major league veterans in the weeks leading up to the appeal of his PED-related suspension in February 2012 in an attempt to rally support. At that time, Braun tested positive for testosterone but ended up winning the appeal on a technicality. Now, ESPN reports that in addition to seeking support from his peers '€” which according to Yahoo! were Matt Kemp, Joey Votto and Troy Tulowitzki '€” Braun told others that sample-collector Dino Laurenzi Jr. was anti-semitic. Braun, who is Jewish, also reportedly said Laurenzi was a Cubs fan, suggesting the official would be biased toward the division-rival Brewers. "Ryan isn't currently commenting on anything -- rumor or reality -- related to his arbitration process or his suspension," a source close to Braun told ESPN. "He has acknowledged his mistakes, accepted his punishment, and is beginning to make amends and will comment at an appropriate time." News spread over the weekend that Braun, who has never acknowledged using PEDs to the media, will speak publicly soon. When exactly that will happen remains to be seen.