Adam Jones: Race a role in Manny Machado's reputation

Rob Bradford
April 13, 2019 - 3:47 pm

Two players who have found themselves in the midst of controversial conversations in these parts -- Adam Jones and Manny Machado -- were once again linked thanks to a recent story in The Atheltic.

The story was centered around Machado's recent play against the Diamondbacks on April 3 in which he was called for catcher's interference after bumping into Arizona catcher John Ryan Murphy while running up the first base line. It was a play Diamondbacks TV announcer Bob Brenly called, "bush-league."

When asked about Machado, his former teammate Jones came to the infielder's defense.

"I’ve been with the guy every day in the bigs besides the last six months. I don’t see him as a dirty player," Jones told Buchanan. "I see him as a player who plays the game hard."

Then the topic of how Machado is perceived came up. When asked if the All-Star's reputation might be different if was white, Jones response was, "100 percent. 100 percent. 100 percent. We know that, because some players are called grinders and other players are called something else. Some players are called pouting, other players are called passionate. It’s all about how you word it."

Jones was (and continues to be) a hot button topic in Boston after accusing a Fenway Park fan in 2017 of shouting racial slurs at him.

Machado has had a history of controversial moments, most recently coming during last year's postseason when saying he wasn't going to be "Jonny Hustle" when running on the basepaths. There was also the slide into second base that forced Dustin Pedroia to rehab his right knee for the past two seasons.