After latest bullpen, Clay Buchholz eyeing simulated game later next week

Rob Bradford
August 09, 2013 - 3:16 pm

KANSAS CITY '€“ Clay Buchholz came through his bullpen session Friday night with another round of optimism. Throwing 40 pitches (13 more than the one executed Wednesday), Buchholz talked as if the trepidation that had come with dealing with his trap/bursa sac ailment was becoming a thing of the past. '€œIt felt good,'€ Buchholz said. '€œIt'€™s 100 percent different than the last time, when I was in Oakland. Everything is coming along. Arm is catching up to the body a little bit better. There'€™s nothing inside my head thinking whenever I'€™m going through the motions. '€œI threw more intense today. I threw all my pitches. I felt good last time out, too, but that was the first step. We'€™re going to keep trying to progress.'€ If all goes well, Buchholz surmised that he could be throwing a simulated game later next week. The plan for the time being is to throw two more light bullpen sessions, one Sunday in KC and the other Tuesday in Toronto. '€œI can feel it just playing long toss. I can actually throw a ball with some effort rather than being scared to throw it,'€ he said. '€œThat is the one significant change that I feel as far as throwing the ball, and the ball getting out of my hand. It'€™s back to not trying to throw hard and the ball still comes out of my hand. That'€™s a good sign. He added, '€œBeing out for as long as it'€™s been, the last thing you want to do is do something that is going to alter the outcome of what we'€™re trying to do, and that'€™s getting back on the mound in a game situation so I don'€™t want to take another step back. It'€™s definitely progressing and I feel the difference. I feel a lot better.'€