A.J. Pierzynski on slump: 'Somebody's going to pay'

Rob Bradford
June 25, 2014 - 1:26 am

SEATTLE '€“ As the questions kept coming, A.J. Pierzynski'€™s patience started dwindling. Pierzynski was coming off an 0-for-4 performance in the Red Sox'€™ 8-2 loss to the Mariners. He had left nine runners on base, while now claiming just one hit in 18 at-bats on the current road trip. The catcher has seen an extraordinary low amount of offerings, seeing just 44 pitches in 20 plate appearances on the current swing. '€œI'm going to do whatever I can do,'€ Pierzynski said. '€œIf he throws me a pitch I'm looking for in a spot where I'm looking for it, I'm going to try to hit it. I'm not going to go up there, just because he walked guys ... if I take a better swing at that pitch and I hit it up the middle and there's two runs on the board, you guys are like, 'Wow, good hitting.' I'm not playing the game anymore. I'm playing the game the way I've played it for the last 15 years and not listen to what other people say anymore.'€ The most notable example of Pierzynski'€™s propensity to swing early and often came in the fifth inning, when he jumped on a first pitch from Seattle starter Erasmo Ramirez, who had walked the bases loaded. The swing resulted in an inning-ending ground out. '€œHe threw me the pitch I was looking for,'€ Pierzynski said. '€œHe threw me a changeup I was trying to hit to left-center. It was the same pitch I hit my next at-bat that I just missed to right. It was the exact same pitch. I 100 percent knew he was going to throw me a changeup, and I was 100 percent looking for it and he threw it where I wanted it, and it just didn't work out. '€¦ Next time I'll take my chances again and I'll get it.'€ Even with his slump, the backstop left the clubhouse with a dose of optimism that things would be turning around in short order. '€œLook, I know I haven't hit the way I know I can hit,'€ said Pierzynski. '€œSomebody's going to pay. Hopefully it starts tomorrow. I know we have better hitters than what we've put out there. And I believe these guys are going to get going and it's going to start tomorrow.'€