Alex Rodriguez offers updates while at David Ortiz's tournament

Rob Bradford
December 13, 2013 - 5:12 pm

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic -- Alex Rodriguez is optimistic. That was the overriding message from the Yankees' third baseman when talking to reporters at the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic Friday night. After attending the event's pre-golf party with girlfriend Torrie Wilson, Rodriguez stood in the midst of a media throng and answered approximately four minutes of questions with a blaring band playing in the background. The following is what Rodriguez had to say -- both about his battle with Major league Baseball regarding the infielder's 211-game suspension, the Yankees' newcomers, and the departure of Robinson Cano. On how he's feeling: "I'€™m doing everything I can in my power to get ready for spring training. This is the felt I'€™ve felt in any offseason in a long time. My workouts are going very well." On the status of his dispute with MLB: "I feel good. I'€™m limited in what I can talk about. I'€™m look forward to chairman [Fredric] Horowitz making a decision, putting this behind me and getting back to hitting in the middle of the lineup. I love the moves we'€™re making in the offseason." On the Yankees' offseason: "I think we made some strong moves. I'€™m looking forward to being a right-handed bat in the middle of the lineup." On Cano leaving for Seattle: "Cano is my little brother. I'€™m obviously happy for him and his family, and I think he'€™s going to have a fantastic career over there." On if Cano is a Hall of Famer: "I think so. I think he'€™s on that path. If he stays healthy, Robby Cano is a very special person, a very special player." On the recent ruling by Judge Edgardo Ramos: "I'€™ve been doing my thing in the Dominican Republic. I heard that we got a favorable ruling. I think the judge made the right decision." On feedback he's gotten from other big leaguers at the event: "I'€™ve been coming here for a long time. The support I'€™ve received from the fans and the teams, and the players all around baseball has helped me get through this. I'€™m just looking forward to getting a decision, put it behind me and get back to playing good baseball." On playing with Jacoby Ellsbury: "I'€™m looking forward to it. I think the team made some great decisions. I'€™m excited to being that right-handed batter in the middle of the lineup." On his outlook regarding the dispute with MLB: "I'€™m optimistic. It'€™s been a tough several months, a very tough year. I'€™m optimistic a decision will come soon, we can get it behind us and take all this stuff off the back pages, focus on playing baseball and all the great things that are happening with the game. Make the decision, whatever happens move forward."