Ben Cherington still can't 'handicap' chances of Stephen Drew returning

Rob Bradford
December 09, 2013 - 1:50 pm

ORLANDO -- Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington wouldn't "handicap" the chances of Stephen Drew returning to the team at the winter meetings Monday, but he did note that whatever solution the Sox get to fill out the left side of their infield will have to have the capability to play shortstop. "We need two guys on the team that can play short no matter what the names are," Cherington said. "The roster needs two guys that can play short. So obviously, [Xander] Bogaerts has a chance to be a part of the team and he can play short. One way or another we have to add to that. Brock Holt is a candidate for that and he'€™s done a good job for us. Obviously someone we still think highly of. But we may look to add somebody on that side of the field and more than likely that someone would have the ability to play short, at least in some role." As was reported by earlier Monday, the Red Sox are waiting out to see what kind of market Drew might get before looping back in with the shortstop. "He'€™s someone that '€“ we obviously like him," Cherington said of Drew. "He'€™s a good player and did a really good job for us. If there'€™s a way to make it work, we'€™ll see if we can do that, but I can'€™t handicap it right now."