Ben Cherington

Ben Cherington takes blame for Red Sox troubles

Rob Bradford
June 17, 2015 - 8:12 pm

Speaking to the media prior to his team's 5-2 loss to the Braves Wednesday, Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington insisted blame for the last-place team's woes should fall on his shoulders. "From my perspective, looking at the bigger picture and why we are where we are, when you are where we are, there's a lot of reasons for it," Cherington told reporters. "There's no single player that's responsible for that. No single player can be responsible for a lot of reasons. The only person who perhaps is responsible, for a longer list of reasons, is me." With the team residing 11 games under .500 and nine games back in the American League East, Cherington said he understands there has been plenty of blame cast all across the organization. "Well, the record is the record. The record is clearly not good enough for where we play and the amount that'€™s invested in the team," he said. "We all know that. My job is to try to dig in to every reason for that, to look back at every decision we've made and try to learn something from that and then try to make it better, starting today and tomorrow and the next day. I think that whatever good things are going on in the organization, which I think there are a lot of good things going on in the organization, the record of the major-league team is the biggest thing. In Boston, that'€™s the biggest thing. When that'€™s not good enough, I'm more responsible than anyone else for that, so I have to find a way to make it better." The general manager was also asked about the expectations of specific players: Rusney Castillo: "Well we think he'€™s a good player. The performance at the big league level so far this year obviously doesn'€™t reflect what we think he is. If you look at all of the attributes, he'€™s got athleticism, he'€™s got the tools, he'€™s strong, he cares, he'€™s accountable, he works hard. I think he'€™s smart. That all adds up to being a good player. It hasn'€™t shown up yet on the field in 2015 on the big league level so he'€™s got to keep working through it. There'€™s plenty of time for him to do that. On the other hand John has got to put the guys in the lineup who are swinging the bat the best." Jackie Bradley Jr.: "We talked about this a couple weeks ago. Very encouraged. He's made an adjustment offensively and been one of the better hitters in the International League all year. Obviously the defense has always been there. He's played hard at the top of that lineup every day. He looks like a good major-league player, the way we always thought that he could be. That'€™s where he is right now." Hanley Ramirez: "Look, we've had plenty of examples of guys who five or 10 percent of the way through their contracts, there was an adjustment period and they didn't take off quite yet and then in time he does. I'm not going to make any judgments on any specific decision or player based on that short amount of time, but I will certainly make judgments on myself for the overall performance and the team's performance. That's on me. "I guess I'm trying to answer your question by saying, if there's any single person I'm focused on, it's more my own decisions in total. If you want to talk about the total performance of the team, it's got to be about me more than any individual out there." Allen Craig: "I think there needs to be a role, a real role, and if that opens up then we have no hesitation to bring him back. He'€™s swung the bat well. I still think he'€™s a good major league hitter. There needs to be a real role for that to happen, for that to make sense so for now he'€™s in Pawtucket and obviously not an ideal situation for him but he'€™s handled it like an absolute pro and we'€™ll have to see what happens."