Blogging from the Yankee Stadium dugout

Rob Bradford
August 27, 2008 - 3:48 am

There are some things that you just can't miss the opportunity to do, and sitting in the visitors dugout at Yankee Stadium after pitching two innings on the Yankee Stadium mound is one of them. As we sit here in the fourth inning the Boston media is losing 5-1 as Bill Burt of the Eagle-Tribune just drove in Steve Krasner of the Providence Journal Bulletin to put our first run up on the board. We're peaking at the right time ... I think. As for my appearance on the mound, I want to point out that I don't think I walked anybody. Good times! I was pitching to contact and's Ian Browne said I had to get seven outs in that first, four-run inning. I don't think any of us  I feel better about myself now. I guess the biggest difference in regards to pitching on the Yankee Stadium mound compared to Memorial Park in Essex is depth perception. There's a whole lot real estate behind home plate. Well, that's for NESN's Jeb Fischer to worry about now as he is on and settling down the troops. If you look at and type in Tyler Kepner, the writer from the New York Times who is pitching for New York, you will ... actually, you won't find anything. But what you should find is that his splits the second time through a 16-man batting order sees his batting average go up dramatically (I hope). Nice gesture by the enemy, all wearing shirts with a picture of Bob Klapisch on it. The Bergen Record beat writer, who has been one of the best players/pitchers this game has seen, suffered a major eye injury a few months ago and has a long road to recovery. Klapisch also threw out the first pitch. Be back later ...