Bottom 1: Like old times for Lester (bases full)

Rob Bradford
October 01, 2008 - 3:28 pm

Carrying over from the top of the first, Gary from Chapel Hill checks in to tell us that the Sox are 19-37 (.514) with 3 HR and 10 RBI in the 1st inning of their last six postseason games. Jon Lester ran into a bit of trouble with one out, allowing a Garret Anderson, opposite field single, followed by Mark Teixeira's base-hit in front of center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. Teixeira had previously been 0 for 3 in his career against the Lester, while the Sox starter came in tied for fifth in the American League with 27 double plays induced. Then came the new Jon Lester. The southpaw, got in on the hands  of Vladimir Guerrero (4 for 10 against Lester coming in) with a cutter. This is what pitching coach John Farrell has pointed to time in and time out when talking about the difference of the hurler, using the whole plate this time around. The problem was that Lester followed that up with a walk to Torii Hunter, who had been 2 for 3. Lester hadn't given up a grand slam in his career (remember his success with the bases jacked during the start of the rookie year?). This year was a bit different, with opponents going 3 for 8 with the bases full. Make that 3 for 9. Howie Kendrick (2 for 5 coming in against Lester) grounded out to Mike Lowell on a 95 mph fastball.  Lester finished his first frame throwing 18 pitches (9 strikes).