Bottom 8: Masterson vs. Rally Monkey

Rob Bradford
October 01, 2008 - 5:52 pm
The Angels began the inning with an homage to the Rally Monkey, mixing in a Shrek montage with the cute critter. Again, the Jumbotron getting it done. Round 1: Masterson/Jacoby Ellsbury. The Red Sox centerfielder saved his rookie relieving friend by making a spectacular diving catch of a Mark Teixeira blooper.  Round 2: Rally Monkey/Vladimir Guerrero: Guerrero takes advantage of a pitch Masterson probably wants back, singling to left. This was not an example of Masterson's best pitch, which teammate Sean Casey calls a "bowing ball sinker." Round 3: Masterson/Kevin Youkilis/Mike Lowell: Torii Hunter blooped in a single just over Youkilis at first, but Guerrero for some reason was not heeding the advice of his Rally Monkey mentor and tried to go to third. Not only did Youkilis make a spot-on throw, but Lowell showed more range than any other time tonight, gathering in the toss, tagging and then hopping over the baserunner. Round 4: Masterson/Jed Lowrie: Howie Kendrick ground out to the rookie shortstop. It was the third clean chance Lowrie had since making what was the game's pivotal error. The nine-pitch at-bat brought out this from our man Gary: "Going into tonight Red Sox opponents are two for their last 22 dating back to to 1998 post-season when the plate appearance is nine or more pitches." End of inning. Now it's Papelbon's turn to take on the monkey. Red Sox 2, Angels 1