Brock Holt on ejection: 'Tonight just got the best of me'

Rob Bradford
July 26, 2019 - 6:49 am

When Brock Holt got back into the clubhouse after his third-inning ejection Thursday night he was greeted with a text.

This time it wasn't his mother, who had previously scolded her son for being caught on camera using salty language. No, the text message this time came from the always-competitive Dustin Pedroia, who wanted to remind Holt that he still had twice as many career ejections than the current starting second baseman (4).

Two down, two to go.

"Tonight just got the best of me," said Holt of his ejection D.J. Reyburn after the Red Sox' 19-3 win over the Yankees. "I went back and looked at the pitch. I still think it was a ball, but technically I guess it was a strike, it clipped the little box on the TV. Definitely too close to take with two strikes. Not proud of the way I handled it, especially getting ejected and all that. But just got the best of me tonight and hopefully I can stay in the games from here on out."

While Holt's mother wasn't weighing in this time that didn't mean his family would be sitting out the ejection conversation.

Like her husband, Lakyn Holt was none too pleased with Mr. Reyburn's decision, as her Twitter account would suggest.

"Just didn't like the call," said Holt, whose only other ejection came May 5, 2016 courtesy Joe West. "Don't know why I got so mad that quick. Just happened. Not proud of it, but sometimes the on-the-field stuff gets the best of you and tonight that happened. Can't get ejected there, got to stay in the game, but happy with the way things turned out for everyone -- for everyone else, I guess."