Brock Holt makes (perhaps) catch of his life

Rob Bradford
July 21, 2014 - 7:03 pm

TORONTO -- It might have been the catch of the season. But was it the catch of Brock Holt's life? "It's up there, yeah. It's up there," said Holt of his fifth-inning grab of Dan Johnson's blast to the right-field wall during what resulted in a 14-1 Red Sox win over the Blue Jays. "That one was fun. That one fired me up a little bit. I didn't think I was going to get to it, but got to it, made the jump, timed it pretty good, and I was able to come down with it. That was one of the better ones I've made. It was fun." Just recently introduced to right field, Holt navigated the line drive to right from the get-go. Racing back on the blast, the Sox outfielder leaped in the air just before the wall with his momentum taking him against the padding. While at the height of his jump, Holt hauled in the ball while flying through the air, subsequently ramming into the advertisement. "That wall gave a little bit better than the cement wall in Fenway that I landed on a few weeks ago," Holt said. "That's the first time I've kind of crashed into one. But no trouble. Just dust yourself off, get up, throw the ball in, and get ready for the next one." Upon rising to his feet with the ball, Holt allowed himself a big smile before tossing it back in and looking up to the video scoreboard for a replay. "Kind of can't believe I caught that," he said when asked his thought process when making the play. "[Dustin Pedroia] was laughing and smiling, so I gave him one back. That was a pretty fun catch for me, yeah." Also helping bring a smile to Holt's face was another two-hit night, putting the leadoff hitter's average at .328. "He's done such a great job," Red Sox manager John Farrell said of Holt. "His instincts -- this is a guy who has been an infielder his entire life and what he's done in the outfield has been pretty remarkable given the few number of games played there. Then you move him to second base and he makes another play the other night where he's done a great job, defensively and all the way around. A couple more hits tonight for him."