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Can Deven Marrero help Red Sox reel in Eric Hosmer?

Rob Bradford
September 20, 2017 - 9:07 pm

BALTIMORE -- Deven Marrero has done his fair share for the Red Sox this season, most recently hitting a two-run homer against the Orioles Wednesday night. He also has stabilized third base while filling in admirably while other infielders healed up throughout the 2017 campaign.

But Marrero's value to the organization isn't about to stop when this season ends.

The Red Sox' infielder might just be called upon to dust off the recruiting skills he fine-tuned while at Arizona State.

"When the guys came to visit I was the main one to take them around the campus, take them to my classes and stuff like that. They would follow me around. I would always give them a little insight," Marrero remembered. "I was the best. Whenever a top recruit came in I was the one who got him and took care of him. It was a lot of fun. We signed a couple of good ones."

This time around the stakes might be even higher. His childhood buddy, Eric Hosmer, is slated to become a free agent.

Marrero grew up with the Royals first baseman, starting as 9-year-olds. They won a state championship together while playing for American Heritage High School in South Florida, with Hosmer's parents often taking in Marrero during some tough family times. While the pair didn't get the chance to play together at Arizona State due to Hosmer signing as the No. 3 overall pick in 2008, they still lived together in the Miami area during numerous offseasons.

Now, because of the Red Sox' potential need for Hosmer's skill-set after this season, Marrero can't hide his excitement when thinking about a possible reunion.

"We always talked about playing with each other one day," the Red Sox' infielder said. "It's going to be a fun offseason for him. It's exciting. He's put himself in a good situation. it would be great for him to be here, but that's his decision. That would be pretty cool. To play with him would be great. It's a great organization with a winning history. Who doesn't want to be part of that? It's going to be a very tough choice."

The 27-year-old Hosmer is having his best season, heading into Wednesday with a .323 batting average, .896 OPS and 24 homers. He is on target to play 158 games or more for the third consecutive season. And, according to Marrero, the first baseman has the right temperament to play in Boston.

"He makes friends no matter where he goes," the Sox infielder said. "He has that personality where guys just gravitate to him. He's a great dude. I don't think anybody has ever said a bad thing about him. No matter where he goes and the decision he makes, he's going to be happy with it and people are going to love him wherever he goes."

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