Carl Crawford calls time in Boston 'a scar that I think will never go away'

Rob Bradford
August 08, 2014 - 8:44 am
Red Sox fans probably would characterize Carl Crawford's short time in Boston as forgettable. Crawford failed to live up to the seven-year, $142 million contract he signed with the Sox before the 2011 season. In fact, he didn't come close. The outfielder hit .254 with 14 home runs and 23 stolen bases in 161 games over less than two injury-plagued seasons with the Red Sox before being traded to the Dodgers with Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett in August 2012. If Sox fans think the Crawford experience was bad, Crawford thought the Boston baseball experience was even worse.

"That place is going to be the same forever and I don't want no part of it," Crawford told "I'm happy where I'm at right now."

When was asked if it seems like a long time ago that he played in Boston, Crawford said, "Yeah, it does. I try and put that as far behind me as I can. I would like to feel like that, but it still feels fresh at times. Just because it was one of the toughest times of my life. That's a scar that I think will never go away. I'll always remember that feeling."

Coming from such a small market in Tampa Bay, Crawford clearly wasn't ready for the expectations and media presence that comes with playing in a market such as Boston.

Crawford expressed regret toward signing with the Red Sox despite such an appealing offer money-wise and said he wished he had spent more time doing research on the teams that were interested rather than letting money be the determining factor.

"It was just different for me," he said. "Coming from Tampa, from that environment to that environment was so different I didn't really understand what I was getting myself into. I think that was the big thing. There was just such a big difference from what I was used to.

"I definitely wouldn't have went to the highest bidder. If I could have done it over again I would have gone into more detail into everything. I didn't do any research about nothing. I didn't know much about Boston, only when I played there. If I went into a little more depth as to what I was getting myself into things probably would have been a little different."

Unloading Crawford was part of a rebuilding process that ultimately led to the Sox' 2013 World Series title. But even that isn't enough to change how Crawford feels about the city.

"They say everything is different. But you can have a good team, but you can't escape all that other stuff up there," he said. "I don't want to get into all that other stuff. It's good they won a World Series, but I'm pretty sure nothing has really changed."