CC Sabathia: 'That's the Grady Sizemore I know'

Rob Bradford
March 18, 2014 - 8:07 am

TAMPA -- Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia snapped to attention when he caught Monday's spring training game between the Red Sox and Cardinals on television. The reason? Sabathia's former Indians teammate, Grady Sizemore, was hearkening to some of the highlight reel days that the two spent as teammates from 2004-08. And as Sabathia watched Sizemore, now 31, bang into a wall to make one catch, make another diving grab and go 3-for-4 with a double, he saw a player who looked very familiar. "He looked good. That's the Grady Sizemore I know. If he's healthy, that's the guy," said Sabathia. "He was a guy that was 30/30 or 25/25. He was the best center fielder in the game at the time when I played with him, so seeing him back, hopefully he's healthy, I think he'll be good." Though this spring marks the first time that Sizemore has played in games since 2011, Sabathia suggested it's no surprise to see his former teammate's skill set get revived. "Watching the game yesterday, my first time seeing him play, he looked like, you think his timing would be off or something would be off. He hit a ball off the wall, left-field off a lefty. He looked good. When you've got talent like that, anything's possible," said the Yankees lefty. "It's just because he's such a good athlete, it's not really surprising to me. He was so much fun to watch when I played with him. He was young and full of so energy and would kind of take over the game. It was just fun to watch." Sizemore and Sabathia have faced each other nine times, with the outfielder having gone 2-for-7 with a homer, double and two walks against his former teammate. Now, as much as Sabathia would like to gain the upper hand in another faceoff between the two, he's simply looking forward to seeing his former teammate back on the field. "I think it's going to suck for me [to face Sizemore in 2014]. But I think it will be fun. I always welcome competition," said the pitcher. "It's just good to see him healthy and back out on the field playing."