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Giancarlo Stanton has been really, really bad lately

Rob Bradford
September 14, 2018 - 11:57 am

Remember when everyone was bemoaning the fact Giancarlo Stanton was headed to the Yankees? Those were quite a few days at last offseason's Winter Meetings.

Make no mistake about it, Stanton is undoubtedly a nice player to have. He's sitting with a .264 batting average and .838 OPS with 33 homers. For what it's worth, that's not far off from what Mookie Betts landed with a year ago.

But considering the Yankees' meat and potatoes have always seemed to be daring opponents to get through a middle of the order that included Stanton, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, it seems noteworthy that the designated hitter has run into an epic slump at a most inopportune for his team.

Since Aug. 19 Stanton is hitting just .145 with a paltry .514 OPS and one -- yes, one -- home run. That is a stretch of 22 games, of which he has only not come away with at least one strikeout just four times.

And if you're wondering if some of the other go-to guys in the Yankees' lineup have been picking up the slack during Stanton's downturn, that would be a resounding, "Not really!"

Newly-acquired Andrew McCutchen is hitting .152 in the 11 games he has played during the stretch, while Sanchez's struggles haven't been far off from Stanton, managing a .171 clip. Brett Gardner? He has hit .218 in his last 21 games, with Aaron Hicks coming at .213 in the same time period.

Things can change in a hurry, even by the time the Red Sox hit Yankee Stadium next Tuesday. And, don't forget, Stanton has tortured Boston pitching for much of this season, hitting .408 with a 1.189 OPS and three home runs in 13 meetings

But in the meantime, just know that whatever brief spell J.D. Martinez might go where he's not hitting the ball in air as much as he might like, we haven't seen anything like what the Yankees are enduring with Stanton.