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Christian Vazquez is expecting some Yankees retaliation

Rob Bradford
April 12, 2018 - 1:02 am

Tyler Austin slid into Brock Holt's leg.

Holt took exception to the slide, offering some pointed words to the Yankees baserunner.

The benches cleared.

Four innings later, Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly offered some payback with a 98 mph fastball in Austin's back. The New York designated hitter also took exception, charging the mound.

The benches cleared.

Kelly was ejected, along with Austin and Yankees coach Phil Nevin. 

That's it, right? At least one Red Sox player doesn't think so.

"You know that's coming. You know that's coming," said Sox catcher Christian Vazquez after his team's 10-7 loss to the Yankees. "They feel like us. The clubhouse is our second home. It's wanting to protect our home. So it will be something soon. If not this series maybe in New York."

After the game, the key players offered their side of things ...


"I probably said something I probably shouldn’t have to start it off. I just wanted him to know it was a bad slide. I think he knows that now."

"I don’t think it was intentional. I think he was going in hard. It was a bunt. I’m not going to turn a double play on that play, especially with Wade running. We’re trying to get the lead out. I think he was just going in hard, but he went in hard a little late with his spikes up. It happened and we’ll move on."

"Everyone was just asking if I was all right. I was good. He spiked my leg, cut it pretty good, but other than that, I was fine. It probably shouldn’t have happened. I just wanted him to know it wasn’t a good slide. That’s what went down."

"It shows that we’ve all got each other’s back. That was a pretty good one, probably one of the better ones I’ve been a part of. I tried to stay out of it. They’ve got a lot of big guys over there. But yeah, shows how close-knit we are in here. Same goes for them, how close-knit they are."


"Austin, a lot of power to right side, right field, whole game plan is sliders in the dirt, sliders down and pitch him in. I mean, I threw a pitch inside and it hit him. It’s one of those that got away."

"I was ready to defend myself. Someone comes in my property in my backyard I have two dogs. Ready to come on my property and I’m being attacked, then I’m ready to defend myself."

"It’s a pitch that got away on a cold night. Not like I had perfect command. It’s not like I have Greg Maddux command. We’ll see what happens. I don’t think I should be suspended. It wasn’t a blowout game. We were still in that ballgame. We had a big rally the inning before."

"I got attacked and got charged, that’s how the jersey rips. It’s one of those things. Just trying to defend myself I’m 6-feet tall, 175 pounds, just have to try to maneuver out there."

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