Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz: 'I expect to be here' until end of contract

Rob Bradford
June 23, 2015 - 10:31 pm

With the non-waiver trade deadline just more than a month away, and the Red Sox sitting 9 1/2 games out of first-place in the American League East, it should come as no surprise that potential trade targets are being identified. This year, Clay Buchholz has entered into the rumor mill. The Red Sox pitcher hasn't been a subject of trade speculation since early in his big league career, when there was some talk he might be included in a deal for Cliff Lee. But because of Buchholz' recent performance, along with a contract that allows for team options in both 2016 ($13 million) and '17 ($13.5 million), the pitcher might start becoming a July trade target for some contending teams. According to major league sources, the Red Sox have shown no interest in dealing Buchholz. That shouldn't come as a surprise considering he is currently one of the team's best pitchers (3.87 ERA), with a financial commitment easy for the Sox to swallow. And as far as Buchholz is concerned, he fully intends to remain a Red Sox until after the team's control comes to an end. "Yeah, unless something crazy happens I expect to be here," he said regarding remaining a Red Sox through at least 2017. "I've always called this place home. [Trades] happen, and it's happened to a lot of guys, where they walk in and they're told their somewhere. That's the business part of it and I think everybody understands that. "I would love to be here throughout the next couple of years and everything goes well sign another extension. That's sort of how I look at it." Buchholz has seen the Red Sox become sellers in two of the past three seasons, including last year when two of his rotation-mates, Jon Lester and John Lackey, were dealt heading into the non-waiver trade deadline. He knows it's a business and anything can happen, especially considering Buchholz is in the last guaranteed year of his deal. But, because of his history with the organization, and familiarity with the front office, Buchholz remains confident he will be employed by the Red Sox well beyond next month. "Last year my name wasn't involved in anything because I wasn't throwing well, so I don't think they would have gotten anything for me," he said. "Obviously, I've been around for as long as I have, and they've kept me around, because we're on the same page as far as whenever I'm healthy and I'm on the mound I feel like I'm pretty good and I can give my chance to win on any given night. The talks I've had with Ben [Cherington] and John [Farrell] and everybody, that's how they feel about me as well. Sometimes you don't have good games, good months, good years and that can definitely bring your price down on what they would be able to get in return. But I've thrown the ball better more consistently this year. "This is obviously the only place I've ever been. Being here and knowing how good this place is to play when the team is winning and everybody is doing well, there's no reason why anybody would want to leave here. I've heard it from multiple guys coming from other organizations, that they're pretty top-notch in terms of how they do things around here. As a player that's all you can expect."