Merloni: I have declared the MLB season over

Rob Bradford
May 21, 2020 - 10:16 am

So much for the optimism regarding baseball returning this season.

During his opening segment on OMF Wednesday Lou Merloni declared that he has no hope that Major League Baseball would be coming back in 2020.

"There is no chance baseball is being played in (2020)," Merloni said. "The season is over. Over. I’ve declared it over."

Merloni's opinion was rooted in a recent report from that talked to numerous medical professionals about the hoops that would need to be jumped through in order for MLB to play this season.

One passage of the story Merloni took significant umbrage with was the one where Dr. Valerie Griffeth is quoted as saying in regard to MLB securing coronavirus tests for their players, "If they say, 'We can get the number of tests we need,' but people that should be getting tested aren't, it's just rude. I don't know another word."

Merloni also was discouraged by the tone taken by Andy Dolich, a Bay Area consultant who has worked as a senior executive for teams in every major the third paragraph of the piece which read: "What's at stake here is a human life. That might sound overdramatic, but it doesn't sound overdramatic to me. All the people involved, that's a person, with a name, who has a family."

Merloni and his co-hosts, Glenn Ordway and Christian Fauria, all pointed out that it should be understood that COVID-19 is a reality that isn't going away any time soon and that we have to adjust accordingly.

"Human lives are at stake and it’s 'rude' if they do testing? Forget about it. It is over. Done," Merloni said. He later added, "All these people are listening to the experts are they listening to the scientists who say it’s not going away? … You need to learn how to live with this thing realistically and who to protect."

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