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Dave Dombrowski details pursuit of Giancarlo Stanton

Rob Bradford
December 11, 2017 - 6:01 pm

BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Two hours after Giancarlo Stanton's agent, Joel Wolfe, said the Red Sox never showed any interest in his client, while also suggesting Dave Dombrowski said his team was prioritizing pitching, the Sox' president of baseball operations told a different story.

Meeting with the local media at the MLB winter meetings Monday, Dombrowski explained the timeline as to the conversations he had with the Marlins regarding Stanton, starting with talks held at the GM meetings in mid-November.

"The early asks for him were not things that we were interested in," he said. "And then as time went on at the end, there were no conversations based upon … he was traded. I had a pulse, they had a deal done with St. Louis, they had a deal done with San Francisco. At that point, when I reached out, they were in the midst of dealing with the Yankees at that point, but no, we never told them we were prioritizing pitching overall."

Dombrowski noted that his most recent conversation with Marlins GM Michael Hill came last week, "but he was in the midst of the Yankee deal at that point."

The Red Sox' president later added, "We were not on  his immediate list (of preferred teams to be dealt to). We called at the end. We were not on his list. So they were going somewhere else. Yeah, we did all our homework on Stanton. I had a long conversation – in fact, some of you guys saw me talking to Mike Hill during the General Managers’ meetings standing out there. I had a long conversation. I knew exactly where everything was, what they were looking for, dollars that were involved. It’s just not where we were at that particular time. And you have to remember that the guys they got from St. Louis or San Francisco at those particular times might have been a little better than what they ended up getting in their own minds. And then they switched off and at that point, he had given them the four clubs that he would go to and we weren’t one of the four."

As for the assertion made by Wolfe that the Red Sox had suggested pitching, not finding a bat, was their priority this offseason, Dombrowski flatly refuted the idea.

"No, and I never said that to him. I might have said we were looking at relief pitching. But no, I never said … we’re not prioritizing pitching," he noted. "I think that their basic conversations with us, they looked at our outfield and thought they probably weren’t a fit with our ballclub, which, based on that, we’re looking for a middle of the order bat. That hasn’t changed. First base or DH."

Dombrowski did say that the completion of the Stanton deal with the Yankees, which was announced at the Dolphin Hotel and Resort Monday, didn't alter the Sox' plans.

"I woke up Saturday morning with little rumors Friday night, it didn’t like make my day that he went to the Yankees by any means," he said. "He’s a heck of a player. I don’t think it can change what we do because we’re already trying to be the best club we possibly can. When you’re in a club like we are in our position, you’re in a spot where you’re not only trying to beat the clubs in your own division, but the best club in the league and the best club overall. We’re already trying to do that. I don’t think it changes what we’re trying to do. It’s just some things that we’re trying to accomplish. I’m in a spot where we’ve used the Golden State name back and forth. They’ve got a heck of a club, but we’ve got a good club too. There’s quite a few months before the season starts and I think our club will continue to try to get better. But it doesn’t really change it in the sense that we’re already trying to get better and do the best we possibly can. They already had a good club and I know he makes them better."

Dombrowski also shot down a report from earlier Monday that the Red Sox were shopping Jackie Bradley Jr.

"I don't know where those rumors started, but they're not accurate," he said. "I can say we have interest in our players and people have asked about our players, often. But I would say we're very happy with our outfield. Could we do anything? I can't say we can't do anything with any of our players. But we like our outfield."


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