Tom Brady has the support of David Ortiz during these turbulent times for the quarterback. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

David Ortiz on NFL's punishment of Tom Brady: 'I think it's ridiculous'

Rob Bradford
May 12, 2015 - 6:33 pm

OAKLAND -- David Ortiz isn't unlike any other Patriots fan -- he's pretty upset over the NFL's decision to suspend his quarterback. "I think the decision was very poor," said the Red Sox DH regarding NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's mandate that Tom Brady miss the first four games of the 2015 season. "You'€™re not just talking about any football player. You'€™re talking about probably the best player in the game, so what is the message you'€™re sending? I don'€™t think the message they'€™re sending is good. They want to send a strong message to who? The NFL players? How about the fans. What we think of it doesn't matter?" Ortiz (who says he knows Brady a little) couldn't get his head around the NFL's choice to penalize Brady for his role in Deflategate. Speaking before his team's game against the A's Tuesday night, the DH made the point that such an approach wouldn't seem to be in the best interest of anybody. "I don'€™t really like the whole thing," Ortiz said. "They are going to do some damage to their sport, believe it or not. We'€™re talking about the world champion and the face of the franchise, face of the NFL. Doing that to him? That'€™s critical. I don'€™t think you'€™re going to make too many people happy." Ortiz, like others unhappy with the outcome, is also quick to point to perceived inconsistencies by the NFL. "I think the NFL has been very poor in making some decisions," he said. "I don'€™t think they have been strong enough putting up with [domestic violence]. I'€™m not talking about now, but I'€™m talking about through the years. You see all the cases popping out and I'€™m pretty sure somebody knew about it before. You have to wait for it to happen for people to know about it? That'€™s sort of weird. "And now this Tom Brady thing, I think it'€™s ridiculous. I think it'€™s ridiculous. I don'€™t know if the commissioner is trying to send a big message. Then to who? To the players? I'€™m a football fan and when I don'€™t see Brady on the field I'€™m going to have questions. And then the answer is he deflated some freaking balls? Prove that. Prove it." Asked what it will be like to watch that first Patriots game next season without Brady involved, Ortiz matter-of-factly responded, "It's going to be [expletive] up." He added, "I don't think it will do anything to his legacy. Brady is on another level, you know? What I think is going to happen is the sport, in general, is probably going to lose some fans. I'm a football fan. Next year, when I don't see Brady playing out there, I'm going to have questions. And the answer you're going to give me is that ball thing. That's the reason he ain't playing? It don't make no sense. I think the best way to deal with that was, let's have some regulation for now, and whoever violates it, we go from there. But it's just like that. I don't see it right."