David Ortiz sets another record (sort of): slowest home run trot

Rob Bradford
April 10, 2014 - 5:03 am

The internet has given us a bevy of fantastic resources when it comes to turning baseball inside-out. One of them just happens to be Tater Trot Tracker, which offers the times for each day's home run trots. It's a website that allowed us to measure Carlos Gomez's sprint around the bases Saturday night (17.66 seconds), which was the game's second fastest of the season, only trailing Gomez's April 1 homer (16.18 seconds). Well, now, thanks to the diligence of the site's founder, Larry Granillo, we have learned that David Ortiz made history with his three-run blast Wednesday afternoon. According to Granillo, Ortiz's time of 32.91 around the bases was the slowest trot recorded by the site since its inception in 2008. The Sox designated hitter narrowly out-paced the previous mark of 31.56 seconds, set by Bobby Abreu. It isn't the first time Ortiz has held the honor. In '10 he became the first player to take more than half a minute to round the bases after hitting a homer.