David Price details problem with cyst on pitching wrist

Rob Bradford
August 10, 2019 - 5:38 pm

Thursday it was announced that David Price was going on the 10-day injured due to a cyst on his pitching wrist. It helped explain the struggles the Red Sox starter had gone through of late, totaling a .859 ERA in his five starts since the All-Star break.

Speaking to the media Saturday afternoon, Price offered a detailed explanation of what he was going through after first experiencing the problem "three or four starts ago."

"It kind of just affected the range of motion in my wrist," he said. "My hand strength and being able to get out front and execute pitches."

Regarding the sensation felt while trying to deal with the ailment, Price said, "Very tight. Not being able to take my wrist backwards and that makes it tough. I handled it four days ago and the last two days have been way better. ... Something I could see, something you feel. Not being able to get those pitches out front like I normally do. It made it tough. I feel like the ball was coming out of my hand just a split second too early and just trying everything I could to cope with that and get it out front of."

The reason for the improvement of late can be chalked up to a shot injected into the cyst with the hope that it will eliminate the problem. If the cyst does return a surgical procedure would be needed to cut it out, with the recovery time not an exorbitant amount of time.

"To have something like that going on in your hand and your wrist and to be able to diagnosis and be able to take positive steps forward to fixing it, I think that makes me a lot - it lets my mind ease a little bit knowing what’s going on," he explained. "Knowing how we can fix it and taking steps in that direction to fix it."