David Ross says plantar fasciitis won't sideline him

Rob Bradford
July 22, 2014 - 7:22 pm

TORONTO -- It wasn't difficult to identify that David Ross was in pain Tuesday night. The Red Sox catcher seemed to pull up lame while running to first after lining a third-inning single, bringing out both Red Sox manager John Farrell and trainer Rick Jameyson. But Ross remained in the game, finishing with three hits in what resulted in a 7-3 loss to the Blue Jays. After the game, Ross explained that the diagnosis for the ailment is plantar fasciitis on his right foot. Ross -- who wears orthotics due to flat feet -- said he suffered a similar injury for the final two months of the 2007 season, albeit to his left foot. "In the offseason I ruptured it and that'€™s what they do when they do surgery, they just go in and cut it," he said.. "So I ruptured it and it hasn't been a problem since. I was running today with the intent of letting that thing blow out. It would feel a lot better if it would." The backstop believed that the injury was a result of taping his left ankle after injuring himself during a mid-May series in Minnesota, leading to overcompensating on his right foot. Ross didn't believe the injury would make his miss any time. It is the same injury Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli dealt with for much of 2013. (Click here to read more about the particulars of the ailment.) "It's been going on for a few days," Ross explained. "I was getting better. It was getting a lot better. I just aggravated on that one swing. It's not going to keep me from playing I don't think. It's one of those things that's going to affect my running a little bit, which is definitely not something [Farrell] is worrying about, my speed to help the team if it would."