David Ross wants to play 'at least one more year'

Rob Bradford
August 09, 2014 - 6:02 pm

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- David Ross isn'€™t ready to call it quits quite yet. The 37-year-old Red Sox catcher, who is currently on the 15-day disabled list after rupturing his plantar fascia, said prior to his team'€™s game with the Angels Saturday night that he hopes to play beyond the 2014 season. "At least one more year," Ross said. "It'€™s getting to a point where my kids are at a age where they miss Dad. It'€™s harder to leave. It'€™s not so much the game, but more the off the field stuff. I still love the game. I love competing. I love being in the clubhouse around the guys. I love playing. But my whole thing is the off the field stuff. My kids get to the age where they really miss Dad. Being a father is important." Ross has battled through injuries throughout his two seasons with the Red Sox, having played in just 36 games in '€™13 due to concussion issues, and then having to manage plantar fasciitis this year. The Red Sox embrace the dynamic Ross brings on the current roster, with rookie Christian Vazquez learning his trade alongside the veteran. Ross is, however, a free agent at the end of '€™14, having signed a two-year, $6.2 million deal with the Red Sox prior to the '€™13 season. According to the catcher, there have been no talks with the team regarding a possible extension. "If my agent calls and they say they don'€™t know then I might be in a bad mood. I don'€™t want to work in a bad mood or be mad at them," he said. "If they want me back they'€™ll come to me and if not there'€™s no hard feelings. I love this place. The Red Sox are going to be part of my life for the rest of my life. This is a special place for me. But I try and stay out of that stuff." He added, "I had so much fun last year when we were winning. I would like to try and do that again. That was like a band of brothers that I'€™ll have for life. I'€™ve had such good experience in baseball the last five or six years of my baseball career when I became a true back-up and played on winning teams. I want to do that again. It'€™s easier to say it'€™s getting hard and I want to play one or two more years because of the family, but when that time comes it'€™s going to be hard to walk away. It may be easier to say that it is to actually do." Ross, who has been playing in the major leagues since '02, is currently hitting .192 with six homers over 40 games this season.