Dennis Eckersley not shaving off mustache despite Jerry Remy's challenge

Rob Bradford
April 07, 2020 - 11:18 am

The biggest news in Boston sports Saturday morning was Jerry Remy's Instagram post where he shaved off the mustache he had worn for the last 46-or-so years.

Quarantine boredom at its finest. First time for everything! Wait for the last one... challenge accepted?

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At the conclusion the post Remy says, "Hey Eck, I shaved mine. Here's a challenge to you. Go get it."

Well, not even the current quarantine -- or Remy's salvo -- is going to lead Eckersley to shave a mustache he has had since 1976. That bit of news was confirmed by the former pitcher to in a text message Tuesday.

Eckersley does point to evidence of the last time he went mustache-less: His 1976 rookie baseball card: