Don't wear magnets

Rob Bradford
August 20, 2008 - 2:21 am

If ever there was a lesson to be learned, it is don't cover your body in magnets. Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu used to do it and look where it got him ... arrested. Irabu was taken to the pokey in Osaka, Japan yesterday after drinking 20 mugs of beer, getting his credit card rejected, and ultimately going nutty on a bartender. The good news? He paid the bill with another card. The bad? He had to do it from jail. Hideki Irabu, I knew Daisuke Matsuzaka, and you're NO Daisuke Matsuzaka. This 180 degree observation was reaffirmed Tuesday night when Matsuzaka improved to 15-2. Red Sox media relations machine Henry Mahegan was on fire last night throughout the Red Sox' 7-2 win over the Orioles, coming up with a barrage of Daisuke nuggets. (Speaking of which, you should check out our own Gary from Chapel Hill's latest post.) Matsuzaka threw 105 pitches, 60 for strikes in going five innings, allowing six hits, and two runs. He also walked five, which gave Matsuzaka the most wins with five or more walks (6) of any American League pitcher since Texas' Bobby Witt won eight games with five or more walks in 1987. It was the most wins with five or more walks by a Sox hurler since Mickey McDermott had eight in 1953. Who is McDermott? Just know that he once punched out a reporter and won a $7 million lottery ticket. Haven't we all? More Matsuzaka: Opponents are now 0 for 14 against him with the bases loaded this season. The win was his 30th career victory, the most by a Japanese pitcher in his first two seasons, passing Hideo Nomo, who won 29 games in 1995-96. Here are some notable links before I head over to fill in from 10-2 on the audio portion of this juggernaut we call WEEI: - As we noted yesterday, the Sox signed former Houston outfielder Jason Lane yesterday. Steve Krasner caught up with both Lane and Kyle Snyder, talking potential Sept. call-up. - The Red Sox Monster gives our latest Will Leitch column some love. - Nobody makes a Fenway Park entrance like Dave McGillvary, the man who runs as many miles as he is years old on each birthday. - Vegas starts talking about what you were thinking: Kevin Youkilis has entered the MVP discussion. - The big winner from the Manny trade? Jeff Bailey and The Daily New, covering Lower Columbia. - If you like pitching mechanics and Joba Chamberlain, you will like this site. - On the A-Blog, our own Alex Speier has a look at managers having to balance old school sensibility and fundamentals with new school reality. - WEEI blog updates: Kirk Minihane leads into his Wednesday column with an blogging appetizer. Mike Petraglia has been checking in from Foxboro, including Matt Cassel's audio file salvo against his critics the most recent edition of "Where's Trags?" There is a producer on producer blogging smack-down brewing between "The Producers" and "Behind the Glass." BTG has a good Q &A with Celtics broadcaster Sean Grande, as well.