Economy, Schmelonomy

Rob Bradford
November 26, 2008 - 7:33 am

This isn't huge news -- the Dodgers standing pat on their offer to Manny Ramirez -- but it is interesting on a couple of levels. Best part: A baseball owner citing the economy when talking about a contract? 

Citing the unpredictable state of the economy, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt hinted Tuesday that the team would be reluctant to sweeten the two-year contract offer that would have instantly given Manny Ramirez the second-highest annual salary in the game. He said that the ball was "100 percent" in the court of Ramirez and his agent, Scott Boras, who have not given much of a response to the offer that has since been pulled off the table. "There's nothing that's gotten better in the economy since that time," McCourt said. "You can interpret that how you like."