Esiason on M&C: Dismissing Julian Edelman's postseason numbers in Hall of Fame debate 'disrespectful'

Rob Bradford
February 05, 2019 - 8:17 am

Boomer Esiason was one of the first to surface idea that Julian Edelman might be a Hall of Famer, and now, after a Super Bowl MVP-performance by the Patriots wide receiver,  his case has never looked stronger.

Esiason appeared on the Mut & Callahan Show Tuesday morning to explain where he was coming from in regards to digging on Edelman's candidacy.

"I see a lot of dismissive reports about Julian Edelman being a Hall of Famer and I get it, everybody has an opinion so I don't really worry about it," the CBS Sports and WFAN host said. "I don't take any of that stuff personally. But there isn't somebody out there on the street who is going to do what he is doing. That is something that bothers me a little bit because I think that is really, truly insulting to what Julian brings to this football team and how he plays. I know he had a PED suspension. There are a lot of guys in this league who have had PED suspensions and other sorts of suspensions as well. I go by what I see and what I see is in the big games he comes up with so many big plays. Quite frankly he could have had 20 catches on Sunday. I thought Tom early in the game predetermined some throws. The interception was a predetermined throw to Chris Hogan. If he just holds on to the ball and drops it to Julian Edelman standing five feet in front of him he's probably going to run for another 20 yards. So I'm sure when Tom goes back and looks at the tape he's going to feel a little disappointed with his performance in the first half.

"Julian is a guy who is a former quarterback, a seventh-round draft choice and he's making plays. And to dismiss his performance in the playoffs as, 'Oh, he will never make it to the Hall of Fame,' is really disrespectful, quite frankly. I've seen him in a lot of big games make a lot of big plays, and not just in the playoffs. I've seen him do it in the regular season. They play in an offense where he's not going to get 110 balls thrown to him. That's just the way it is. This offense is an offense that spreads the wealth. You have to do your role, you have to do your job, as Bill Belichick likes to say. And doing your job in the biggest moment and doing it seamlessly and doing it with what seems like a lot of effort because of how good he is and what he's become, to me it shows a Hall of Fame performance. I'm sorry. I've played the game. I've been on the field. I know what it takes to be what he is in the big spot. In my eyes, he's grown over the last four or five years and his postseason effort speaks to that. The Super Bowl wins. The performance in the biggest games. I don't want to disparage anybody in the Hall of Fame. If you're in, you belong in and you've got the yellow jacket. All I did was bring up a fact that this guy continues to play at a very high level in the biggest games. I hope someday he's recognized for that in the halls of Canton and if I had a vote I would certainly vote for him."

Edelman's case for the Hall of Fame is based in his clutch postseason performances, most recently highlighted by a 10-catch, 141-yard game against the Rams. He has the second-most catches of any player in playoff history. The wideout has also caught more balls for first downs than any player in postseason history.

But the Patriots wideout might have an uphill climb due to his regular season numbers, eclipsing 1,000 yards just twice over his nine-year career while never once getting selected to a Pro Bowl.