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Fenway Park flaw leads to Mitch Moreland injury

Rob Bradford
August 23, 2018 - 6:29 pm

When it came to padding, Fenway Park missed a spot.

While sliding to catch a first-inning pop-up off the bat of Yandy Diaz, Mitch Moreland's left knee rammed into the concrete lining the photo pit next to the new Jim Beam seating area. After running out a fly ball the subsequent half inning, the first baseman took himself out due to a left knee contusion.

This is what Moreland's knee hit at a significant rate of speed ...

"A little sore," said Moreland after the Red Sox' 7-0 win over the Indians. "Going after the ball in the first there, the concrete ledge on the field I kind of went into, hit the outside of it pretty good. It's getting better, a little sore right now, a little stiff. ... It hurt as soon as I hit it, obviously, I'm trying to walk it off, trying to get through it. It was a little sharp at first but now it feels like a bruise, a pretty good bruise ... Just stiffened up a little bit."

Asked if he was hoping there might be padding on the area before the Red Sox' next home game, Moreland said with a smile, "That would be nice."