GM Meetings: Chaim Bloom says Dustin Pedroia 'intending on playing'

Rob Bradford
November 11, 2019 - 7:56 pm

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Red Sox are planning on Dustin Pedroia giving it another try.

Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom said at the GM Meetings Monday evening that in his conversations with the second baseman he has gotten the impression that Pedroia's injured left knee has shown enough improvement that there is an expectation that he is targeting playing again in 2020.

"Every indication I’ve gotten is that he’s feeling good and intending on playing," Bloom said.

The path is a different one than many predicted considering Pedroia's tone since shutting things down last season, particularly after having knee joint preservation surgery in early Aug. The 35-year-old only played in nine games for the Red Sox before ultimately spending the majority of the 2019 campaign back at his home in Arizona.

"I think it’s time and just what we’re getting from Dustin and we’re hoping to see him while we’re here, as we’ve talked about earlier. I think just perhaps how he feels about things has changed since it was pretty raw at that point, the time you’re talking about," said Red Sox general manager Brian O'Halloran, referencing Pedroia's May press conference announcing his plan for the remainder of the season. "He’s been working out and doing well by his own account and we’re going to talk to him and learn more. I don’t think that anything specifically changed. I think it’s more that time has passed and he’s been feeling better.”

Regarding the subject of keeping Pedroia -- who is owned $13 million for 2020 -- on the roster despite the uncertain nature of his injury, O'Halloran was quick with a response.

"I would never think of it as a problem to have Dustin Pedroia on our 40-man roster and be concerned about planning around him, no," the GM said. "So it’s good to have him on our roster and hopefully he continues to progress and is in the mix."