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How managing Manny Ramirez paved way for Alex Cora

Rob Bradford
October 23, 2017 - 9:39 am


Alex Cora did plenty on his way to getting the Red Sox managing job. Player. Winter ball manager and general manager. Constructing World Baseball Classic team. Television analyst. Bench coach.

But, as his good friend and former teammate Mike Lowell pointed out on the Bradfo Sho podcast, there was one circumstance in particular when playing for the Red Sox that might have hinted Cora had a future running a big league team. That was managing Manny Ramirez.

"I think his biggest attribute was not being an everyday player, but commanding the respect of almost any elite-type player," said Lowell, who was teammates with Cora and Ramirez from 2006-08. "On the road, I lifted weights in the mornings with him and Manny Ramirez and the one guy that got on Manny's case for showing up 10 minutes late in the lobby or not showing to workout was Alex. And Manny took to it. I think he kind of liked a guy could relate to his situation and get on him in the sense, 'We aren't going to win without you Manny. We need you.' I think he understood Manny's personality was more that you had to put your arm around him and maybe someone else was the type you have to kick them in the butt a little bit. Guys react differently, and that's where managing personalities are just as important as managing the X's and O's and what you do during the game.

"The fact that guys like David Ortiz, and Curt Schilling, and Josh and Manny were respectful and felt like they had to respect Alex because of the way he went about his business, I think speaks volumes of what he can do now as a manager. You can be the best X's and O's guy but if your players don't feel like the manager has their backs that clubhouse can deteriorate quickly. In that sense I think Alex is prepared for it."

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