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Like it or not, you might be seeing David Price sooner rather than later

Rob Bradford
October 08, 2018 - 1:44 am

NEW YORK -- There could be three more games left in this American League Division Series. And if there is, count on David Price being involved in at least one them. As a starter? Probably not. But somewhere, somehow.

"We'll talk to him," said Red Sox manager Alex Cora during his Sunday media availability at Yankee Stadium when asked about Prie. "Actually, call him tonight, see how he feels. If it's tomorrow, it's tomorrow. If it's Game 4, it's Game 4."

It's easy to suggest the Red Sox would never possibly throw Price back out against the Yankees, especially if the teams were playing in the Bronx. We know the history of the pitcher against the team (not good). And the image of that 1 2/3 innings Saturday (really bad) is still fresh in our minds.

But it isn't difficult to see how the Red Sox might need Price.

If there is a pocket in the lineup that doesn't involve Gary Sanchez, this could absolutely be a scenario. Of course, such a maneuver would be unbelievably uncomfortable. But if there is faith left when it comes to Price it emanates from Cora's clubhouse.

"I've got to talk to him," Cora said. "He's not here today. We'll talk. Obviously, we need outs. Actually, we were just talking about him, me and Dana (LeVangie), a few things that we noticed, actually the last few weeks, that he's not doing the way he did in those 11 outings or whatever it was. Unless we recognize something, we'll talk about it. I know physically he's fine and we know where we're going. So most likely we'll use him in some spot, yeah."

It's not easy finding a good matchup for Price against the Yankees. Up and down, they own the lefty. Still, without the certainty the Red Sox thought they might have him Steven Wright and/or Eduardo Rodriguez we might see some dice-rolling. Perhaps that involves bringing Chris Sale out the bullpen for a spell, or maybe it's another go-round with Price.

"I know he'll be better. I know he's going to contribute," Cora said. "Whenever we call his name, he has to be ready for it and perform."