The J.D. Martinez effect: Next up, Jackie Bradley Jr.

Rob Bradford
February 19, 2019 - 8:11 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Before Jackie Bradley Jr. left the premises to spend the rest of Monday with his wife and young daughter he took one second to sum up spring training's first full workout.

"Today," he told, "was a good day."

The impetus for Bradley Jr.'s optimism stemmed from the outfielder's unveiling. This was the first time he was unleashing his new swing in public.

Bradley Jr. had already documented his path toward finding this new stroke back in December, explaining how midway through the 2018 season upon the advice of J.D. Martinez he started communicating with hitting guru Craig Wallenbrock. And while the transformation couldn't become complete due to in-season restraints (time, the immediate need for results, etc.), there was enough payoff to keep the process going.

So Bradley Jr. ventured out to visit Wallenbrock in Los Angeles numerous times throughout the offseason, going so far as to tell back in December, "This is the first time I heard any of this stuff. What I’ve been taught my whole life is completely wrong. It’s scary to say that, but it’s wrong. I feel fortunate enough to make it this far doing it wrong."

Last year the Martinez effect helped lead Mookie Betts to an American League MVP. This season it's Bradley Jr.'s turn to find out what all the hitting hubbub is all about.

"There were a lot of broken pieces that I needed to get fixed," Bradley Jr. said when explaining his transformation.

Watch the videos below for a complete explanation from Bradley Jr. in terms of how he has evolved:

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