David Ortiz

Jim Rice defends David Ortiz: 'Who cried more than Jim Palmer?'

Rob Bradford
April 25, 2015 - 8:43 am

Jim Palmer couldn't help himself once again when asked about David Ortiz' recent ejection prior to Friday night's game, defending his stance that Ortiz was selfish in his actions. "To put this to rest, all David Ortiz has to do in this three-game series is watch the way Adam Jones plays the game," Palmer said. "If he hits a home run, he puts his head down, runs around the bases, doesn'€™€™t show anybody up. To me, that'€™€™s the way you play the game. "He'€™€™s entitled to do it any way he wants, but when he throws his whole team under the bus, all the fans who came out to Fenway Park, it'€™€™s kind of like a puppy '€“€“ unconditional love '€“€“ but at the end of the day, if the puppy doesn'€™€™t do the right things, you need to housebreak him." That led to these comments from fellow Hall of Famer Jim Rice on the NESN postgame show. "Regardless if he'€™s a Hall of Famer or not, who cried more than Jim Palmer? I mean, come on. Let'€™s be honest," Rice said (see video here). "Palmer doesn'€™t have anything on me, and I don'€™t have anything on him, but I would tell it like it is. You cry just as good as anyone else, so quit complaining, and let the guys go out and play." When asked about the most recent comments by Palmer after the Red Sox' win Friday night, David Ortiz said he hadn't heard them but still didn't leave without one last shot. "I'm not going to add any more followers to his account," the DH said.