Joe Kelly calls investigation of 2018 Red Sox 'a debacle'

Rob Bradford
April 16, 2020 - 10:49 am

If you're going by the reaction from those on the 2018 Red Sox, the investigation by Major League Baseball isn't going to reveal much in regards to whatever alleged cheating was going on.

Earlier in the week, World Series MVP Steve Pearce said of the accusations, "That's such a joke to us."

Thursday, another member of that team, current Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly, echoed a similar sentiment.

"The whole thing is a debacle to me," Kelly said when appearing with Mike Mutnansky on WEEI's replay of Game 3 of the 2018 World Series. "Now sitting at this point with no baseball being played and no results on an investigation, I just feel like was I dreaming? Is there actually an investigation? It’s like the Boogeyman series, what’s the deal with this thing? From the get-go I just thought it was laugh out loud funny. Now that this is the last thing on people’s mind obviously with how the world is right now. Whenever the investigation is done I’m interested in seeing what is in the investigation. If there is cheating involved with how good our team was we should have won every single out. We should have not even lost an inning if there was some good cheating involved, which would have been a lot more fun because we would have won in four. We would have swept through the playoffs and made it really, really fast and been able to go to Hawaii or go to Mexico and go on vacation a lot sooner than we did."

Appearing on OMF earlier in the day, Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom offered what he perceived as the reason for the delay in MLB issuing its findings.

"As you guys know, given that it is an ongoing process there obviously isn't much we can or should say about it. I would say we still are at the same point where we think everybody is to reserve judgment until we see what comes out of it," Bloom said.

"It is obviously frustrating that we don't have that outcome yet. But with what is going on in the last month I think it is understandable. I know the commissioner was on a timetable doing everything he could to wrap it up before the season. Sometime early to mid-March, the coronavirus took over pretty much of every ounce of everybody's available time and energy. I think we're still at that stage. We are hopeful at some point when everybody gets a chance to come up for air ... I know the commissioner has said the investigation is complete and it's a question of getting into the report. We're hopeful there is time to do that so we can all see the results and move forward. I think you have to cut everyone some slack given our industry and everybody has been dealing with something we really haven't faced before, something for which there is no road map and understandably it has dominated everyone's attention for the last month or so."