John Farrell: Clay Buchholz dealing with knee injury, Sox undecided on if he'll make next start

Rob Bradford
May 27, 2014 - 2:15 pm

ATLANTA -- One day after Clay Buchholz allowed six runs in three innings while walking eight batters, Red Sox manager John Farrell said that the team had not yet decided whether the right-hander -- who has a 2-4 record and 7.02 ERA-- will make his next scheduled start on Saturday. "We haven'€™t made a definitive decision on his next turn through the rotation," said Farrell. "We'€™re not blind to what everyone sees. And yes, there is concern because we'€™re talking about a guy who was potentially on his way to a Cy Young year last year and now he'€™s only showing flashes of it, either inside a given game or for a given start. We continue to search for some consistency of execution of pitches which might lead to added confidence. He'€™s not there yet." Farrell noted that a couple of physical problems may have come into play during Buchholz's poor outing on Monday. The manager said that his pitcher, working in the heat and humidity of Atlanta, lost seven pounds during the start. "He lost seven pounds yesterday which for Clay is almost unheard of," said Farrell. "It'€™s different than the weather we'€™ve been involved in. That'€™s not going to be used as an excuse." Farrell also said that Buchholz, after running the bases, felt some discomfort in his knee that requires further monitoring. "We'€™ve got to get through tomorrow'€™s bullpen. After he ran the bases yesterday, there was a pitch where his landing leg gave out," said Farrell. "We'€™ve got to make sure that he gets through his bullpen [session on Wednesday and to determine that] that knee, where he felt was a little hyperextended, doesn'€™t persist or show any further soreness. That'€™s where we are right now.'€ Farrell said that Buchholz waved off the training staff from checking the injury during the game because "he didn't want that to be part of the reason as to why he pitched the way he did," but added that the team would be "conscious" of how the knee feels during the bullpen session.

"We'€™re not going to put him at any further risk injury-wise.," said Farrell.

At the same time, the manager acknowledged that his pitcher's poor results through 10 games likely indicate that there are issues that go beyond a tweaked knee.  

"I can'€™t say that it'€™s strictly mechanical. From a fundamental standpoint, I'€™m sure he'€™s searching a little bit himself mentally to find some confidence and gain some of that along the way," said Farrell. "But the thing that stands out, eight walks is very uncharacteristic. That'€™s a lot of walks for him for 20 innings, let alone three. We'€™ve got work to do."

How that work takes place remains to be seen -- including whether it will mean that Buchholz gets skipped in his next scheduled start or misses multiple turns while on the disabled list.