John Farrell: 'I didn't sleep worth a damn last night'

Rob Bradford
October 27, 2013 - 2:02 pm

ST. LOUIS '€“ John Farrell did get a few hours of sleep early Sunday morning, but not much. Part of that was due to how his team'€™s 5-4 loss to the Cardinals in Game 3 of the World Series unfolded. But there was another issue, as well. '€œNo, I didn'€™t sleep worth a damn last night,'€ Farrell said prior to Game 4. When asked if he did sleep at all, he responded, '€œI did, yeah. Until the damn '€¦ The struck up the band at 7 a.m. on the square this morning.'€ The celebration surrounding the St. Louis Marathon aside, most of Farrrell'€™s anxiety stemmed from the outcomes in his team'€™s loss. Sunday, he touched on a few of the game'€™s key moments in more detail: Regarding the obstruction call that ended the game: "Not the call itself. The call was accurate,'€ he said when asked if there was any issue with the umpire'€™s game-ending determination. '€œThe Type B portion of the rule, that I think -- there needs to have some area in that for intent. Because on that play last night, there's no way Will [Middlebrooks] can get out of the way. It's more the rule that I have some issue with, not the call itself. They made the call as the rule suggests and calls for. To say that there can't be some room for intent there, Will wasn't trying to hold the guy down. That's where I think -- not just because we lost a World Series game based on the call. If you look at it, it gives the opportunity to be the aggressor and take advantage of it." '€œAt that point, then it becomes a judgment call rather than an interpretation of the rule call. I think you'd like to think that in situations like this where a guy falls down going for a ball, he's not trying to hold the runner down." When asked if he thought the players '€“ who were very vocal in their displeasure with the call after the game '€“ come to grips with the outcome, Farrell added, '€œYeah I think as we've all had a chance to process it, they made the call. And unfortunately it went against us. '€œI think once that first pitch is thrown tonight, we're all about what we have to do inside the game. We can stew on it '€” I'm sure a number of guys have already put it behind 'em. We can't go back. I think that's what's been one of the great components in the leadership of this team, is that recognizing what has happened. And OK, shut it off, compartmentalize it, move on.'€ On not pinch-hitting for Brandon Workman in the ninth inning: '€œWell, I was looking at getting three innings combined out of Workman and Koji [Uehara],'€ he said. '€œAnd felt like, in a tie game, even on the road, I'€™m not reluctant to use a closer, obviously. Felt like those were our best two relievers. I felt like, after [Trevor]Rosenthal was out of the game, I felt like the advantage swung back to our side with those two guys available. That was my reasoning. Setting aside the double switch or, at that point, I wasn'€™t going to pinch hit because it felt like there was still the need to get three innings combined out of the two.'€ On not walking John Jay to load the bases in the ninth inning: '€œI felt like, as good as Koji is, I don'€™t want him to be backed into a corner with the bases loaded,'€ Farrell said. '€œWe recorded the out. A great play by Dustin [Pedroa] that gets overlooked in all of this, but no, wasn'€™t thinking about walking him.'€