John Henry explains why Red Sox didn't have press conference after Dave Dombrowski dismissal

Rob Bradford
September 27, 2019 - 7:34 pm

Twenty days after the dismissal of Dave Dombrowski the Red Sox' ownership group formally explained their side of things via a meeting with the media.

With television, radio and print reporters on hand in the owners' suite at Fenway Park, principal owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner fielded questions regarding both Dombrowski's firing and the state of the Red Sox. This, of course, was the kind of accountability many viewed was lacking in the days after making the move.

Both team president Sam Kennedy and Henry offered their explanations when asked why there was originally no press conference.

"Right or wrong, we just felt we weren’t going to answer questions about the departure other than to thank him for a job well done," Kennedy said. "You’re obviously in a situation where you’re going to ask a lot of questions about blame and what you did wrong and we just felt very strongly as a group that the right thing to do was thank him for his time and service here. He won us a World Series, did a great job as a teammate, a great colleague. That was the decision. Fair to disagree with it but that was the decision we made."

"And I’ve had a long relationship with Dave," added Henry. "It was painful to make a change for me personally it was painful. But we felt it was the right thing to do. And from my own standpoint, if we were going to have a press conference, I would love to have talked to about the things he brought, what he accomplished for us. You guys all would’ve asked what went wrong, which is your job to do, I understand that. It wasn’t so much a case of us, I think, as it was portrayed that we were hiding from you. It’s just that I didn’t see, we didn’t see a utility of going through what the differences were. It was more of a personal thing."