Josh Beckett: 'My time in Boston I remember very fondly'

Rob Bradford
May 04, 2020 - 8:47 am

When Josh Beckett was cruising at the top of the Red Sox rotation, there wasn't a more popular sports figure in Boston. But when things went south -- starting in the second half of 2011 -- he was quickly put in the crosshairs of New England sports fans.

Even after being eight seasons removed from pitching in a Red Sox uniform -- and having retired in 2014 -- Beckett remains one of the more polarizing Boston pro athletes when it comes to the last decade.

Appearing on the Bradfo Sho podcast, the 39-year-old explained that even with the uneasiness that came with those months leading into his trade the Dodgers in 2012 Beckett viewed his seven years in Boston in a favorable light.

"I’ve always loved it," he said of playing in the Boston market. "I think of part of the downtimes in Boston is just it being hard to play in Boston. I don’t think it has to go so far. But I do look back at all the good times and the bad and I don’t think playing in Boston … If you wouldn’t have had any drama at all I wouldn’t have felt like I got to play in Boston. At the end, it wore on me but I look back at it now and I’m glad I got to play there. I’m glad I got to see both sides of it."

The highest of highs when it came to Beckett's popularity still will be remembered for when he dominated through the 2007 postseason, with his low points coming following the 2011 "chicken and beer" saga, which led to a 2012 season that saw the usually available pitcher stop talking to the media for a stretch.

"I sure did. But, hey, I’m not the only one," said Beckett regarding getting to see all ends of the popularity spectrum while playing in Boston. "Very few people get out of there unscathed. It’s all good with me. I run into Red Sox fans all the time and they have nothing but love.

"My time in Boston I remember very fondly and I’m glad I got to see both sides of how things were going. It was time to go when I went."

Beckett currently resides in Texas with his wife and two young daughters, having done some analyst work for the Astros television network.