Just because I was bored ...

Rob Bradford
November 26, 2008 - 4:58 am

Here you go, links, links, and more links ... thanks to in large part our man in the WEEI.com catacombs Jesse Pugh (who is making me send readers to his 'Bugs and Cranks' the minute I wake up in the morning). Short and sweet, we're going to be bombarding this thing with as many at least semi-interesting links throughout each day. So if you have anything, send it along because it's a big intraweb out there I can't live in every corner of it. (And yes, the name 'Leeinks' was my idea and I'm sticking with it. So there!) I found it! Kevin Youkilis' cameo in the movie 'Milk Money'. Best part: He's the bouncer for the school cafeteria. I love it! I can't imagine that when Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel and Bill Belichick were simulating their walk-off home run hug on the sidelines in Jacksonville that scooping up the domain name, "ChuckWeis.com" as a preemptive strike would be a priority. Best part: The site's slogan -- "Helping Charlie Weis find a new job since 2008" Jed Lowrie entering the Parrish Middle School is like Billy Dee Williams entering a Star Wars convention (or Colt 45 convention). Best part: One student asked about staying healthy. "One of the most important things to do is to eat right," he said. "Once in a while, I might have ice cream. But you have to take care of yourself." That's what the Red Sox were talking about when they took out the ice cream machine from the players' lounge last season. I wonder if Lowrie will be brazen enough to pull a Josh Beckett if the soft serve is ever pulled again, and ask to be traded if it isn't replaced? Good for these kids. Good for the Pirates. Good for the 'Million Dollar Arm' contest. Best part: Neal Huntington's quote: "We are intrigued by Patel's arm strength and Singh's frame and potential." Wait a second, Patel, OK. But how do you come out on top of a 'Million Dollar Arm' contest because of your frame and potential? It's like -- 'Come for the arm, stay for the frame and potential!' Our man Ken Rosenthal starts out with some Andy Pettitte being wooed by the Dodgers talk and then comes in with a Mark Teixeira update. He reminds us that David Ortiz does, in fact, have 10-5 rights, thereby allowing him to veto any trade (just in case you were going down that path. Best part: The info from one GM regarding the Red Sox potentially trying to trade Mike Lowell --  "I don't think anybody will take a chance on Mike Lowell until you see him play next spring." By the way, here is the latest from our good friend Scott Boras' camp on Teixeira. He said they have offers ... Good times with Boras. Here is our man Ken Davidoff also checking in on the Pettitte and Teixeira front. (Courtesy The Big Lead) Now all UMass needs are the wins and the good old days will officially be back in Amherst. Best part: "Douglas Edward Wiggins Jr., 20, of East Hartford, Con., was arrested Saturday at 3:49 a.m. at a Puffton Village home on a charge of breaking and entering to commit a misdemeanor, police said. Wiggins was arrested after he was found inside the bathroom of another person's home, police said." Aaahh, the Amherst Police Log, how we missed hearing from you. I don't know how fun these facts are, but they are facts ... about Thanksgiving and football. Best part: "1962: STARR-BURST: The only loss for the eventual NFL champion Packers that season came on Thanksgiving Day when Bart Starr was sacked 11 times." And he still is upright enough to do commercials for metal buildings. David Ortiz's charity golf tournament is almost here, coming Dec. 4. And he not only plays golf, but is an instructor, as well. Just ask Deion Sanders. For more of the day's real Boston sports links head over to Boston Sports Media Watch.