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Latest on where Red Sox stand with Dustin Pedroia

Rob Bradford
November 19, 2018 - 4:03 pm

There still seems to be some mystery when it comes to Dustin Pedroia's injured knee.

After being examined recently in Phoenix, the second baseman does have a schedule for his offseason progression leading into the 2019 season. But after listening to Dave Dombrowski it still seems anything but certain Pedroia will be ready to go come Opening Day.

"He is not going to have surgery," the president of baseball operations told reporters via a Monday afternoon conference call. "He has continued rehab and therapy. And that’s what he is going to continue to do. He will do that through about the middle of December. And start then some additional, then get back into exercising, more physical activities other than the therapy at that point. And then around the middle, sometime in January, beginning of January, middle of January, start running at that point. So we’re hopeful he’ll be ready for the season."

Dombrowski did note that the team's backup plan will not necessitate a significant move, suggesting that he might be done when it comes to the acquisition of position players this offseason.

"The reality is if you look at our club, there’s not a lot of holes there from a positional player perspective," he said. "We’re hopeful that Dustin will be fine. I think if we’re going to look to protect ourselves, of course we have Brock (Holt), we’ve got Tzu-Wei Lin, we’ve got Eduardo Nunez, I would think that those people would be more of a tendency to have to be a non-roster invitee at this time for the simple fact that we just don’t have any positions to really promise anyone at this time because we’re hopeful that Dustin will be ready."

As for Marco Hernandez, who was on the fast track to the majors as a possible second base option before having multiple shoulder surgeries, he will not be counted on to fill in any holes at the major league level.

"We’re hopeful that he’ll be ready. He’s had some major surgeries on that shoulder. He’s had two of them. They feel that his prognosis is good," Dombrowski said. "He’s been feeling much much better. We’ll just have to wait and we’ll just have to see how it develops. But the hope is that he will be ready for spring training. When I say that, I would also anticipate, assuming that he is ready, and being again hopeful, that he needs to go out and play. I mean he hasn’t played for a couple years. So assuming everything’s OK I mean we’re not really counting on him being with the big league club at this point. We’re counting on him going out and playing at the minor league level."