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What happened in London: Red Sox lose a mess of a game

Rob Bradford
June 29, 2019 - 12:48 pm

(LONDON -- Follow all the happenings as the Red Sox take on the Yankees in two "home games" at London Stadium ...)

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10:53: Red Sox lose. 17-13. Nearly five hours of baseball.

10:48: The Red Sox finished the ninth with an infield of Michael Chavis (1B), Marco Hernandez (2B), Eduardo Nunez (SS) and Christian Vazquez (3B). Not how they drew it up for the London Series at the beginning of the year.

10:35: The Red Sox and Yankees each have 10 two-out runs. Heading to the ninth inning it is 17-13 afer Marco Hernandez ground out with the bases loaded.

10:10: The Red Sox close the gap to four run on J.D. Martinez's RBI single, but Xander Bogaerts pulls up a bit lame going into third base with what appeared o be another hamstring issue. He remained in but would't come back out for the eighth, being replaced by Eduardo Nunez at shortstop. While both Brock Holt and Rafael Devers left the game earlier for rest, neither is clearly moving around well after their respective hamstring ailments.

10:06: The score is 17-12 Yankees. THere are two outs in the seventh inning. New York just made a pitching change. And the game is four minutes shy of being four hours old. Also, the over-under for this one? That would have been 11.

9:50: Michael Chavis just hit his second home run of the game, cutting the Yankees' lead to seven. Some might have said this one was a product of the dimensions, just clearing the 382-foot alley in left-center, but it did end up traveling 410 feet. Other than the heat, there hasn't been that much to suggest the score would have been different in another environment.

9:01: While there are lights in the stadium, there aren't any where the media sits up in the stands. This would seem to be a problem.

8:50: History!

8:25: Well, the Yankees have broken it back open thanks to a bases-loaded walk by Mike Shawryn to Brett Gardner, and then D.J. LeMahieu's bases-clearing double. Then came Aaron Judge's two run blast and next thing you know it the Yanks are leading by eight in the fourth.

8:05: Really the first time the park comes into play with Luke Voit's double just out of reach of Jackie Bradley Jr., hitting off the center field fence just to the right of the 385-foot mark to leadoff the fourth inning.

7:41: Brett Gardner keeps the runs coming, this time via a two-run homer over the right-field fence off Steven Wright. It is now 8-6 in the third inning.

7:23: It took 30 years but ...

7:09: We fell two minutes short of an hour-long first inning. 6-6.

7:02: You aren't going to believe this but ... it's a tied game. Michael Chavis hits three-run blast to send Masahiro Tanaka to the showers. Combined, the two starters got a total of three outs.

6:57: Christian Vazquez hits a long sacrifice fly to right field, and Brock Holt follows with an RBI single. Red Sox within three in the first. On another note, people here really, really love foul balls.

6:41: The Red Sox fight back with a leadoff single from Mookie Betts and RBI double from Rafael Devers. Also, Heineken is being sold for 7.5 pounds (or something like that).

6:37: Well, it took 27 minutes and six runs but the Red Sox finally got the third out of an inning. Colten Brewer keeps it at 6-0.

6:27: Aaron Hicks' two-run homer ends Rick Porcello's day. He got one out.

6:24: Make that 4-0 Yankees thanks to an Edwin Encarnacion RBI double. With still one out in the first inning, history ...

6:21: Rick Porcello is having his problems. Didi Gregorius just made it 3-0 with a two-run double, a line-shot into the right-center field gap.

6:17: The Yankees take 1-0 lead. Luke Voit ripped a run-scoring double into the left field corner, plating D.J. LeMahieu. The hit came moments after Michael Chavis dropped a foul ball on the first base side that would have been in the stands in 100 percent of other major league parks.

6:12: The sun is a problem. On Aaron Judge's first-inning fly ball to center field Jackie Bradley Jr. had a few moments of helplessness tryig to shield his eyes from what is glaring sun directly on center field. Mookie Betts ran over to assist just as Bradley Jr. got his bearings.

6:01: The fire was very, very aggressive in the pregame introductions. Another takeway: "God Save the Queen" is a really short national anthem.

5:47: It is very loud here.

5:46: Mookie Betts got to meet his relative, Meghan Markle. So there's that ...

5:38 p.m.: A couple of quick takeaways from pregame: 1. The London Stadium fans clearly embrace the idea of free baseballs. Anytime ball went anywhere remotely near the stands there was an enormous yell from sections clamoring for a baseball with the kind of desperation not seen at most big league parks. Part of the equation was that the fielders shagging during practice were clearly instructed to throw virtually every ball hit their way into the stands. Also, the pregame singer didn't get the message that it is 90 degrees.