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Matt Barnes: Red Sox have best bullpen in baseball

Rob Bradford
July 30, 2018 - 7:14 am

The topic broached with Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes on WEEI was regarding the Red Sox bullpen and if it needed an addition at the non-waiver trade deadline. (At the 5:07 mark of this audio.)

Question: Do you have as good a bullpen as the Yankees?

Matt Barnes: Yes.

Question: Do you have the best bullpen in baseball?

Matt Barnes: Yes. We're there.

Barnes went on to explain the confidence the Red Sox' relievers had in one another heading into Tuesday's non-waiver trade deadline.

"Everybody hears the speculation," he said. "You kind of have an idea of what is going on. We believe the group we have is very good. Any team is trying to get better at any position that we're in. But at the same time, we feel we have a very good group down there. It's a group that has been together a couple, few years now. We think for the majority of this year and last we've thrown really well together. ... We're very confident in ourselves out there and we feel like we're going to get the job more times than not."

Heading into Monday, the Red Sox' relievers have the sixth-best ERA in Major League Baseball (3.40), and second in the American League. Their batting average against is fifth-best (.226), while owning the top save percentage in MLB.

"I think we're at the point right now if we lose a game ... like we lost the first game of this series where I gave up a double in the gap, we come in the next day and we're like, 'We're going to win today. It doesn't matter. We're going to win today and we're probably going to win four of the next five and it's fine.' That's truly how we feel," Barnes said. "We feel we're the best team in baseball. We feel it doesn't matter who we're playing, who is on the mound, who we're facing that day. It's nothing more or nothing less than that. Everybody is very confident. Everybody gets along. The chemistry is great.

"The pressures of trying to win aren't there. We just expect to win. It's almost that simple, as crazy as it might sound."