Matt Hasselbeck says Tom Brady is handing Father Time a loss

Rob Bradford
February 07, 2019 - 12:55 pm

Matt Hasselbeck just clapped back at Father Time.

According to the ESPN analyst, the big guy isn't undefeated after all.

Appearing on the Dale & Keefe Show, Hasselbeck explained while the narrative suggesting Tom Brady would have to head into a tailspin due to his advancing age is ridiculous.

"People keep saying, ‘Father Time is undefeated.’ No, it’s not," Hasselbeck said. "Tom Brady, what he’s done at his age is continuously winning against Father Time."

Hasselbeck used his own playing career as an example regarding how leaning on age to predict an outcome is overrated. As the former Boston College quarterback points out he managed to start eight games for the Colts at the age of 40, seven years after first being identified as an old signal-caller.

"It doesn’t surprise me at all to see Tom Brady answer the questions the way he does," Hasselbeck said. "‘Are you going to play next year?’ ‘Listen, stop asking that question. I’m going to play until I’m 45, 50.’ You get so tired of hearing it. In some ways because of the way he trains now and how he eats and all that stuff he can move better now than when he could when he was 35. I know that’s how I felt and I wasn’t anywhere near as committed to the things he’s committed to nutritionally and maybe even training-wise. Every year he goes out and does it, not that he’s just doing it but he’s playing at an MVP level or playing at a Super Bowl-winning caliber level. So Father Time is taking many L’s, in my opinion, year after year with the Patriots."